District 13 state rep. field shrinks

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Independent candidate Bruce Card announced that he’s leaving the race for state representative due to “family commitments.” Robert Spellane, that seat’s current legislator, is not seeking re-election.

At a press conference today, he added that he’s endorsing Paul Franco, the race’s lone Republican. Card said Franco’s attention to fiscal responsibility, intentions of “restoring integrity to Beacon Hill” and “goals of reviving the economy” mirrored his own platforms.

Updated 2:37, 8/23:

Card has sent out his own press release with a very under-used metaphor; Paul Franco’s policies as a stabbing trident:

This trident of reform on the business and industry of the state will have positive implications across a wide spectrum. This trident will stab at the heart of our down economy by streamlining the regulatory structure, lowering fees for doing business and lowering business taxes. This will stop the exodus of businesses from the state; and allow business to grow there by [sic] putting more people to work.


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2 responses to “District 13 state rep. field shrinks

  1. Joe Scully

    Paul Franco will be the death blow to our wounded economy? Takes a big man to stab an economic system in the heart with a trident while it’s down.

  2. -Q

    is this the best they can do?
    Mr.Card is apparently not aware of Massachusetts being ranked 5th best state in the country to do business in………….or is he playing the typical republican obfuscation political games……the 13th worcester voters are much smarter than that….

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