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Posted by Brittany Durgin

Beginning today there will be a price to pay for local news content. From the T & G that is. Those who hold print subscriptions will have full access to, however those without, will now either have to pay $14.95 per month, or dish out a one dollar bill for 24 hour access to the locally produced news stories.

A slew of readers comments flew in when the Telegram & Gazette announced that those wishing to read local content will have to pay for it. Over 300 opinions were posted ranging from those thinking this will be the beginning of the end for the publication to those saying the price has been set too high.

Non-subscribers will be gifted with 10 free local articles each month. Along with the less than positive reaction of reader comments, a website has been created as a quick guide to what the site’s publisher believes is content not to be missed.

What does this mean for the Telegram & Gazette? What does this mean for Worcesterites? Only time will tell, but we sure can guess in the meantime.



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5 responses to “telegram(now costs you).com

  1. t-traveler

    I think that you now need to register to read your ten articles or to comment as well

  2. T-T: I’m not having to register to view local articles. (Though some of what they’ve written is confusing on this point.)

    BTW, I’m gathering technical notes on the paywall here:

  3. Worcester Gadfly

    The articles are still free if you care to access them from an anonymous proxy site, or else you can simply clear your browser’s cookies after every few “locally produced” articles.

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  5. Most of the local content I’ve seen from the Telegram has been sub-par reporting. I gave up reading the Telegram a while ago, and only read articles that people linked to. The Telegram’s local content is almost entirely devoid of any actual research or follow up. It’s frustrating when you are familiar with a story first hand to see how the Telegram writes it up and misses half. Shoddy reporting at its best.

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