What is K2?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

There’s been some chatter recently in city council meetings about banning something called K2. The Telegram picked up on it a few days ago.

Two other publications have weighed in on it, the Boston Phoenix and Charleston City Paper, providing snapshots of the “incense”‘s reported effects.

From The Phoenix:

“The [patients] are experiencing agitation anxiety, and vomiting,” he tells the Phoenix. “Some have reported seizures. We’re at the front end of this. The amount of knowledge is minimal. We do know it’s making people anxious to the point of needing to be sedated.”

From City Paper:

“I had a meditation recently where I saw a big medicine Buddha, who turned into 200 smaller Buddhas, who then shot a rainbow light into my heart shakra,” says McCarter.




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4 responses to “What is K2?

  1. So this is shitty fake weed that costs more than extremely good real weed, being banned in a city/state where simple possession of real weed isn’t a crime. To protect the children I presume?

  2. I have to be honest. I work with teenagers every day and the City Council meeting was the first time I heard about this.

  3. Thanks for putting me on to this. Does the Owl Shop sell it out the back door or will I have to order online? It’s been a few years since anything shot a rainbow light into my heart

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