The creepiest Sno Cone

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

When talking to law makers about what exactly was in the Criminal Justice Reform bill (as we wrote about this week) that passed last week, Sen. Michael Moore (D-Millbury) mentioned one particular part of the bill that stood out: it’s now a crime for sex offenders to work as ice cream truck vendors.

It’s one of those things where the first time you hear about it you laugh, then quickly realize that it’s probably definitely a good idea.



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2 responses to “The creepiest Sno Cone

  1. Kick Him Out

    Sen Michael Moore needs to be kicked out of office. His big pet project is ….
    Hold on…

    Wait for it…

    An Internet Sales Tax.

    He is just another tax and spend democrat who does not know the difference between 5 minutes and 15 minutes, proven when he could not (ripoff the ) quote from/of Andy Warhol.

    If you are going to rip-off Warhol at least get it right Demmie.

  2. Susan

    I, for one (like most normal people…) think that it is GREAT that sex offenders cannot be ice cream truck vendors. Thank you, Senator Moore.

    An “internet sales tax”??? What are you even talking about? I follow the news pretty closely, haven’t seen any references to such a proposal…

    Sounds to me like someone is crouched in a corner, with tin foil on their head, sitting at a computer, doing what “the voices” tell them to do…

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