CORI reformers ship out to Boston

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

A bus load of Worcester Criminal Offender Records Information reform activists, including groups like Neighbor to Neighbor, EPOCA and the ACLU are joining up with others at the Statehouse today to nudge state reps. and senators to push through a reform bill currently sitting in conference committee before this season’s legislative session ends.

CORI reformers say that current laws regarding ex-prisoners’ records make finding jobs difficult post-release. The House’s version of the bill, which according to demonstrator Nate Gorczynski (who does not speak for any of the organizations involved), is favored over the senate’s version, would seal felonies after only seven years rather than 15. Misdemeanors would drop from ten to three years. It would also remove public criminal records for those arrested but whose cases have been dismissed.

EPOCA and Neighbor to Neighbor have already sent out thank you notes and reminders to the representatives who have pledged their support, but in the midst of other bills currently grabbing attention (gaming, anyone?), the reformers don’t want to be forgotten in the shuffle.

“This is crunch time,” says Gorczynski.


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  1. So that’s what happened to my former co-worker… I’m glad to know things are still improving for him. Just in case you happen to read this, Nate, I want to thank you again for all the pretty music. I still listen to those tapes sometimes when I have trouble falling asleep. This is for you:

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