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Posted by Brittany Durgin

Fresh new content up today! You can only find these things on

Woo Town Sounds – The song “Rowdy” by Sound in Stone will get you on your feet. The upbeat, fun tune is the perfect match to a warm summer afternoon. Find out more about Sound in Stone and listen to the MP3 here.

We try George Street ourselves – Watch a video of three Worcester Mag staffers attempt the famous George Street bicycle climb. Information on the official bike race also found here with the video.

Photos from Jazz & Blues Festival – Find photos of performers, vendors, and the crowd gathered at Paulie’s fourth annual Jazz and Blues Festival this year in Worcester. Photo Gallery here.

Drinking with the Mag – Did you miss the July Worcester Mag on Tap? Find photos from the event, and interviews with attendees here. Find out about our August event here.

New mural at Beatnik’s Bar – Local tattoo artist Eamon Gillen painted a mural on the back outside wall of Beatnik’s Bar during a fundraising event for Art in the Park. Watch a time lapse video of Eamon at work, and also be sure to check out photos of the piece here.

Spicing up downtown – This week we took Two Minutes of Gerald Bellmore’s time to find out about his recent work of art done next to The Hanvover Theatre. Find photos of Gerald’s mural in our photo gallery section.

We also have new discounts to local businesses up on our Wicked Deals section of! Now, you can treat yourself to a massage, a sweet dessert, a nice bottle of wine, a Friday night dinner date, or a manicure using the discounts found here.


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