Government connecting East and West with fiber-optic cable

Posted By Sam Bonacci

How does 1,100 miles of anything strike you? Being a New Englander it can be hard to wrap my head around numbers of this type considering most of us get in a huff if we have to go more than 50 miles in a shot. To give some perspective, the amount of fiber-optic cable the state and feds are planning on laying down with $71.6 million would make the trip down the pike from one side of the state to the other 8.3 times.

However, this cable won’t be whining about a bathroom break as it snake its way through 123 communities — it’s part of an effort to extend the high tech industry into the oft-forgotten Western side of the state. (Sorry Springfield and Amherst!) This side of the state has been suffering especially hard through this mess of an economy and this plan would allow for the high tech companies to set up shop while maintaining their connection, literally, to Boston.

The full article from the Boston Globe is available here.

This could be a boon in Worcester. If the economies and connections between the Eastern and Western part of the state are strengthened guess who is positioned smack in the middle to benefit? With more and more projects connecting us with Boston is it possible that this cable will be yet another part of the puzzle?


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