Marian Golemo and Worcester Mag

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

From the “interesting tidbits” file:

Marian Golemo, the alleged scam artist recently arrested in North Carolina and waiting extradition to Massachusetts, whose fraudulent investment schemes bilked local Polish-Americans for hundreds of thousands of dollars, is no stranger to Worcester Mag(azine). He’s been mentioned in our paper at least twice.

Back in May of 1995, former writer Ellen O’Connor broke the story about Golemo taking local Polish-American’s investments and then skipping town. In her story, she references Golemo’s other appearance in Worcester Mag‘s pages, a 1992 article about Green Island. In that 1992 article, Golemo had this to say about the neighborhood where his business was located:

“Everybody helps each other out.”

According the FBI’s arrest release, 1990 to 1992 is the specific time-frame the feds say Golemo “persuaded clients to withdraw their bank account savings and invest their money with him.”

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  1. Paul

    Did something get left out of this post? Otherwise, what’s the relevance here?

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