Slots revenue dropping in Connecticut

Posted By Sam Bonacci

As Massachusetts looks to tap into the casino market one of the divisive points has been whether to allow slots at race tracks. This has been hailed as an industry saving move by supporters while those against it view it as little more than a public boost to private industry. Whichever side of the debate you are on, you might want to know about the decline in Connecticut’s slot revenues.

“The operators of Foxwoods Resort Casino and MGM Grand at Foxwoods say slot machine profits in June dropped about 11.7 percent from the same month in 2009.”

The full associated press article is available from The Boston Globe.

Are people finally figuring they might need to cut back on gambling in a tough economy? Is the easy cash drying up even before we tap into the well?


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One response to “Slots revenue dropping in Connecticut

  1. How convenient – the timing of those phony numbers… Even if their profits really had dropped by that much (all at once with no graduation? Hmmm…), some share of the easy cash for our state is better than none at all.

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