Tea Party to protest Scott Brown, but not where he scoops ice cream

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Just like February of 2010 when Senator Scott Brown voted with Democrats in passing a jobs bill, Brown’s recent anoucement that he’ll vote for the financial regulation bill (that vote could come today) has angered conservatives around the state.

Cue the protesting by the Worcester Tea Party. (From a press release:)

Senator Scott Brown dismayed many of his Tea Party supporters with his announcement that he would vote in favor of the Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation bill.  This massive piece of legislation continues the unrestrained growth of the Federal government.

We did all that we could to convince Senator Brown to vote against the bill, including sending a delegation led by John O’Mara of the Northborough Tea Party to meet with some of Senator Brown’s top advisers in Boston last Friday.  All of these efforts failed to convince Senator Brown that this bill was severely flawed.

In this crazy, mixed up world, the vote is perfectly timed with his appearance in Elm Park on Saturday to serve ice cream and watch his daughter, Ayla, sing.

So they want to protest, but agree that “because of the nature of the event (which benefits a children’s charity), we feel that it would be in bad taste to protest at Elm Park.” Instead, the Tea Party will return to their local stomping grounds, Lincoln Square.

We are assuming that Senator Brown may drive through that area on his way to Elm Park.  He is scheduled to be there at 11 a.m. to scoop ice cream.

Protest starts at 10:00 am.


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One response to “Tea Party to protest Scott Brown, but not where he scoops ice cream

  1. Karen Bush

    How do we send a loud and clear censor to Sen. Brown. He has fulfilled what I feared….Mr. Stud is a Dud!

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