Primary season officially begins

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Primary season has officially started now that the five Republicans running for the November ballot opposite US Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Worcester) have turned their sights on each other.

The five candidates debated Tuesday night at North Attleboro High School, with both Marty Lamb and Michael Stopa each proclaiming themselves winners in the debate. This morning, Lamb sent a release alluding to an attack ad from Brian Herr’s campaign, writing, “I am very disappointed that one of my opponents is not adhering to Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment. It is more important that we focus our attention on the incumbent and his failing record. However, this attack clearly shows that I am the frontrunner.”

Lamb also got a shot in at Herr’s record, pointing out that “my opponent, while serving on the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen, raised property taxes.

“Unfortunately, he failed to keep taxes stagnant. They grew every year,” he said.

Until recently, the five Republican candidates’ campaigns have spent more time pointing out they’re not Jim McGovern; now they’re focusing on separating themselves from each other.

We’ve contacted Herr’s campaign for a copy of their “attack ad.” We’ll post more info when we get it.

Update: Herr’s comment was in regards to Lamb’s idea of tying the country’s spending to the rate of inflation. Herr’s remark was “only in politics can someone try and convince voters that increasing spending is the way we cut spending.”

He disagreed that the release was below the belt. “People challenge my ideas. People have different ideas. We’re never going to run negative or nasty ads, but we will challenge ideas that I do think will take us in the wrong direction.”



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4 responses to “Primary season officially begins

  1. Desiree

    When one candidate makes the first shot across the bow, it has to be responded to. Scott Brown didn’t sit back and take it from Martha Coakley either. Marty Lamb was attacked unfairly. He has ideas, solutions, plans which are substantive. He can’t allow opponents who are lacking to tear him down. An opponent took a cheap shot at him, and Marty responded extraordinarily well.

  2. BUD


  3. Chris

    VERY Bad move on Herr’s part.

    I believe that he has caused a lot of folks that were trying to stay impartial to now be VERY partial and in favor of Marty Lamb now.

    I would have to venture to guess that he conducted a poll and found that Marty Lamb, who has been campaigning since April 15th of 2009, was way out front of him. I a desperate move to try to catch up he attacked Marty instead of finding his own platform to show how he was a better choice than Jim McGovern.

    McGovern is a failure in many ways and not being able to find something to focus on McGovern makes me doubt Herr’s ability to lead.

  4. Andrea

    I will be happy to forward you a copy of the Press Release from the Herr campaign, as well as the Press Release from the Lamb campaign that outlines the 10-point plan to cut spending. What Mr. Herr fails to mention in his PR is that Mr. Lamb clearly states that the steps to cut the spending in government are for the purpose of creating a smaller and more efficient federal government. A point conveniently left out by the Herr Campaign. Facts without context are useless. We ask for our representatives to provide us with the “Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth”. This is not what we seem to be getting from the Herr campaign.

    Marty Lamb is a true public servant and statesmen. He believes in and lives each day protecting, defending and upholding the Constitution of the United State of America and he didn’t need to put hand on a bible and raise his hand to God to do so. He does it because it is in his heart and stands by his convictions. This is the reason I will be supporting Marty Lamb for US Congress on September 14th and again on November 2nd.

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