North High’s JROTC leader becomes gubernatorial cause (updated)

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Since The Telegram‘s Clive McFarlane wrote on Monday about Maj. Steven Godin coming under fire for not paying teachers union related fees, Godin’s case has become a cause célèbre for statewide media outlets and the Charlie Baker/Richard Tisei ticket.

On Wednesday The Boston Herald published two articles on the matter. One is about Richard Tisei, candidate for lt. governor and the current senate minority leader, who has drafted a bill “that would exempt junior ROTC instructors from having to pay union dues.”

Talk radio host and Herald columnist Howie Carr also jumped into the mix with a column about “the outrageous power of the public-sector unions,” using Godin as a jumping off point.

By Thursday, Baker, who apparently also gave Godin a call while he was teaching, posted on Twitter about it.

Good news for Maj. Godin came out today though: The Telegram reports that the WPS administration won’t do anything to push him out of his job.

Update: Mayor O’Brien has put out a statement regarding the union contract and Maj. Godin. It seems he would agree with Tisei’s legislation:

On behalf of the members of the Worcester School Committee, I want to express our gratitude to Major Godin for his many years of service to our country and to the Worcester Public Schools. We believe that Major Godin is a valuable member of the Worcester Public Schools community and we are deeply concerned by actions taken by the EAW against him. While power to hire and fire school employee’s lies directly with the Superintendent, members of the school committee and I support the Superintendent’s decision that action should not be taken against Major Godin; and that we should pursue all legal recourse to allow him to continue to work with the students of the WPS.

Furthermore the School Committee is in contract negotiations with the Education Association of Worcester and we are requesting that as part of the negotiations that the six ROTC instructors should be removed from the bargaining unit. We believe that due to the unique nature of these positions, that are funded in part by the United States military, that these positions shall not be classified as classroom teachers. We also strongly encourage all parties to work together to find a resolution to this issue.



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2 responses to “North High’s JROTC leader becomes gubernatorial cause (updated)

  1. It’s all very shameful isn’t it? This is the kind of news that makes Worcester not only the laughing stock of the state, but of the nation. Over 300 million Americans now know Worcester for this disgraceful incident.

    Tracy Novick, any comment from your side on this story – say something in your defense? Perhaps distance yourself from this fiasco?

    The whole nation took notice that the Worcester School Committee was completely mum on this – letting the Teachers Association embarrass this great city in that way.

    The Mayor should have kept this fiasco from becoming an national embarrassment, but he’s beholden to them. So much for leadership from Mayor O’Brien and the members of school committee.

    The good citizens of Worcester should publicly Tar & Feather Cheryl DelSignore. She’s a disgrace to this city.

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