Referendum time

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

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Money: You’ve either got it, or you don’t. Worcester, however, has a little bit of both sides of the coin. We don’t have money ($2 million in the hole), yet we have some coming in from the airport sale ($14.4 million in cash).

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Joff Smith motioned for the airport money going into the city’s 9c account (better known as a rainy day fund) instead be used to make up the tax levy, rather than raising property taxes. Konnie Lukes and Mike Germain supported this, but it was quickly shot down by the others who said saving that money will be critical for FY2012, which is expected to be a financial disaster, and that tax increaseses will go to school and sidewalk repair.

With that background information in mind, Daily Worcesterites, it’s referendum time. How would you like to see that money used?

Polls close at 10:00 pm. Discuss/debate your side at today’s Worcester Mag on Tap.



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3 responses to “Referendum time

  1. ha ha

    They mouthed swear words to eachother!? Love it.
    Why not use a percentage of the money proportional to the number of home owners out of the population to decrease the property tax, then take the rest and use it for the schools or sidewalks?

    “what did you say to me?”

    I said-+-_>/::>??;:.,:-!

    “Oh?! Well, :/;”???;/_+0++))()(*&&^i.”

    I’m a lucid truck? That doesn’t even make sense.

    “Neither does calling me a ‘dip schick’.”

  2. Amazing.
    Joff Smith finally said something that makes sense.
    How long has he been around now – 5 years?
    He has a pretty flat learning curve eh?

    Finally that BS in Economics paid off for us.
    Imagine what would come out if he really put some thought into it?

  3. zed

    “BS in Economics” LOL!!

    When I saw the word referendum I thought “strong mayor question”

    Now that’s something to VOTE on.

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