Health care reform kicks in

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Remember that terrifying tense debate over health care reform a couple months ago? Well, the new law goes into effect this month. From the AARP:

Massachusetts seniors in Medicare who have fallen into the prescription drug coverage gap – the doughnut hole – will begin receiving $250 rebate checks next week, as part of the new health reform law.

According to them, 300,000 Massachusetts seniors could find themselves in that gap in 2010.

“These rebate checks are the first step to gradually close the Medicare prescription drug doughnut hole – and help make prescription drugs more affordable for people in Medicare,” says Deborah Banda, state director of AARP Massachusetts.



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2 responses to “Health care reform kicks in

  1. How about localizing that tidbit of non-information. What’s it mean to Wusta? That’s why you call yourselves Worcester Magazine right?

    Another thought, how about putting abbreviated resumes from the “WOMAG Team” online so we can see who’s writing the stories.

    Betcha not one of ya is from Wusta.

  2. who'd a thunk it

    Will, you’re on to something. From my experience, most are from upstate New York. The socioeconomic divide between the people who make up the people and the one’s who supposedly represent them, is always an untouchable factor in local media, legistlation, economics, community activism and any other social organising with a voice respected by the conventional powers that be.

    The welcoming of people from other states and parts of the world are important to remember though Will, because without that, strife between us stunts any growth in society(giving rise to futile outlaw groups). However, I’m partial to the lower socioeconomic groups when it comes to acceptance and understanding-they need it the most. College kids from upper middle class households and, relevent to a local magazine, who are from out of state aren’t in a vulnerable position in which assimilation into the local culture is imparative for any larger purpose beneficial to the area(Wustah in this case). That purpose, related most importantly to their own advancement via independence gained through the area’s social and economic assets available to its residents, does not include bringing outside money into the area. Why? Because like I said, that larger purpose beneficial to Worcester as a whole, is related to the empowerment of liberating a people from the confinement in an economic class with limited means, to mobility through a sustainable plateau beyond the reach of vice, violence or other independent variables affecting desperation. Most important to those who are not transient “membahs” in our community.

    The kids from upstate NY, or any other place not here that, more importantly, is of upper middle class educated …mmmm white people(sorry, I’m not racist plus you kids should at least have learned some amount of tolerance in college at least remotely close to mine on the streets-it’s not 30k a year education-yours is)-DON’T NEED TO GAIN UPWARD MOBILITY BECAUSE THEY’RE ALREADY THERE. So, Will, acceptance of them is not as important because they AREN’T THE MINDS AND HANDS AT WORK DIRECTLY WITH THE FOUNDATION OF THIS CITY OF IMMIGRANTS.

    HOWEVER, my not so popular friend, we must remember that we don’t harbor DISlike towards those misrepresentaions of our area, we just don’t…eh he…particularly like them. We like their parents’ money and more importantly it is an exercise in the acceptence we need for the immigrants that matter who come here to build strong in a shared goal of united freedom-not social enclaves of privatised merit.

    I know you’re not trying to rag on the kids who work for the wormag, but rather you are just pointing out the socioeconomic gap between the people and the one’s who are supposed to represent them or give them a voice. This is, in my opinion, a very important and often overlooked issue in any city or town-everywhere. That is what we should focus on; maybe you could do a blog post about that.

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