Worcester Mag on Tap #5 is tomorrow

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Exciting times: Our monthly get-together is happening tomorrow at 5:30 at the Emerald Isle on Millbury St. They’ve just done some renovations, and I hear their new deck is fabulous.

Also joining the very friendly Worcester Mag staff tomorrow night will be Denise Bahosh, principal of Union Hill Elementary School, who was featured in our cover story on student mobility (which we just found out will be cited in a letter from the Mass. Elementary School Principals Association to congress) and local illustrator/author Bret Herholz, who may even bring some of his art to show off. This will also be your chance to meet brand new Worcester Mag editor Danny Cross. Tell him the Cincinnati Reds suck. We’re hoping to add a couple more names by tomorrow too. There’s even a Facebook invite for it. Remember, if you say yes on Facebook, then you’ve made an unbreakable pact with us.

It’s going to be 78 degrees tomorrow by 6:00 5:00. You’ll want a drink. It might as well be with us.


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One response to “Worcester Mag on Tap #5 is tomorrow

  1. Listen Jeremy, you need to know one thing about Wusta dude, if ya want friends ya gotta pay for em. That means like, free freaking beer dude.

    The day you guys call a keg party, I’m your buddy, otherwise I keep takin cheap shots at ya.

    So folks, a round of applause for WOMAG.
    They’re buying!

    Who rules? WOMAG! WOMAG! WOMAG!

    Ya see, its that easy.

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