More to CORI reform

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

As CORI reform makes its way towards becoming law, an amendment offered by State Rep. Lew Evangelidis during the deliberations is saddling up beside it.

Unlike the bill just passed by the House, Evangelidis’ amendment calls for tougher laws and more transparent records when it comes to sex offenders. Evangelidis wants to see the Sex Offender Registry Board put level 2 sex offenders’ information online, like it already does with level 3s.

The reform, called An Act Reforming the Administrative Procedures Relative to Criminal Offender Record Information and Pre and Post-Trial Supervised Release has been passed by the House and Senate, and a committee will reconcile each of the branches’ versions.


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One response to “More to CORI reform

  1. Referencing your hot story this week, The Wusta Gazette (, says: “I thought ads were supposed to run around the stories – not be the story”.

    It’s “high school journalism” at its worst.
    Really guys, a city of 180,00 and this is it?

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