Beshai endorses Bove for sheriff

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Frank Beshai, a Republican former candidate for Worcester County Sheriff, has endorsed Democrat Scot Bove in the race, and threw some barbs while doing so.

When pressed about possible blow-back from crossing the proverbial party lines, Beshai stated, “[w]hen I got into this race, I did it to make a statement – that there was no qualified candidate from the Republican Party. In withdrawing my name from consideration for personal reasons, I want people to know that there is no Republican in this race that has what it takes to effectively run the prison in our backyard.”

The one Republican in the race is Holden State Rep. Lew Evangelidis.

In his short-lived campaign, Beshai harped on the prison recidivism rate and believes that Bove can carryout policies similar to what Beshai would’ve wanted to do.

“My vision and mission for the Sheriff’s Department has remained the same for over 20 years and, despite withdrawing my name from this race for personal reasons, I still believe I can help make that vision become reality.”



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2 responses to “Beshai endorses Bove for sheriff

  1. Knock knock… anyone there?
    Been a while guys.
    Everything cool?
    On vacation?
    Just as I thought.

  2. Ted

    Nice endorsement…NOT.

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