More in the race for governor

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Green party gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein has released her 2009 taxes so that every voter in Massachusetts can know her business, and she’s calling on the other candidates to do the same (from a press release sent this morning):

As candidates, we owe it to the people to give them as much information as possible to help them make an informed choice. That means developing well-articulated policies, offering honest answers to difficult questions, and participating in debates and community forums. This should also include the release of key financial information, such as tax returns. This is the sort of transparency that I think the voters want from the person who will be their next Governor.”

But let’s get to the good stuff (more from the press release, all [sic]’ed out):

Steins returns, which are a joint filing with her husband, showed that the bulk of the family income was in the form of wages earned by Steins husband who is a surgeon. Stein is herself a physician, but most of her work in recent years as a public health researcher and environmental health physician has been done pro-bono, or in uncompensated support of grants given to non-profit public interest organizations. The familys gross income for 2009 was $324,000.



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5 responses to “More in the race for governor

  1. Joseph

    It’s funny how the article that ran in the Globe a few weeks ago had Cahill, Patrick, and Baker all basically saying “no you first!” to each other over the tax record release. It’s so weird, why do they have to be like that? I understand that it’s a custom to do so in a race, so why not?

    This is just another reason why Jill Stein rises above the weird pettiness of the regular candidates and is really worth a look as a choice for governor.

  2. Okay, speaka the English please

    Mastering the charades of ceremony is what the f”k we care about? How they present themselves is why we should pick one or give one canidate a chance?
    EXACTLY! And no adverbs allowed damnit!
    I felt like I was reading the Phoenix entertainment guide. They should call that magazine the “ADVERBJATIVE”.
    BLA bla bla, she cranked up the ole projecter screen, said it straight from the hip no scrips yadayada YADA. Like a condor in mid take off we then discussed NSTAR. We’re not going to spell it out in plain english, but we will take forever getting to the point with needless filler about how people moved around and are we willing to let this David vs Goliath gasiously envolpe our righteously mint herbaceous infostructer with cracking prehistoric, crinkling, chipping, peeling…old metal iron…gas pipes, that were around from when wet gas was used which we won’t explain because we’re too busy going into needless detail about how the presentation masters crafted their, like, totally dank ass four course meals of power points BLA BALAAAH!

  3. What about experience, history etc… sadly we have to admit that pettiness and envy are ingrained in our voting psyches.

    I can’t understand what income matters when folks vote? Sorta stupid if she thinks she can garner votes by appealing to folks base instinct of loathing rich folk. I guess she thinks $300k is poverty level. I’d love to be that poor. Heck, I’d by I’d buy a six pack for the entire City of Wusta.

    Here’s some political thought on par with Plato: A man once wrote, I’m quoting, I’d much rather see a college-educated, longtime local activist young mom get onto the School Committee than to re-elect any MAWWS (Middle Aged Women With Scarves). Familiar? It’s from the winner of the 2010 WOMAG Best Blog Award, Mr. Jeff Barnard. Take a bow Jeff.

    Looks like Jeff won’t be letting me post on his blog anytime soon. Like I said folks, in Wusta pettiness is a virtue.

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  4. HUH?

    I don’t give a rat’s ass how much f’n money they make. I’ve been poor enough to eat half eaten free food from public sources that strangers chomped down on-I could give a flying fluk about some surgeon’s f’n paycheck. I spelt surgeon right too.

    What are we collectively as a society-like 10 years old? “I heard so and so went to college and earned a job that makes more than YOU. They got an extra cookie in their lunch, don’t cha want one? Here ya morons, let’s dangle some meat in front of ya-that’ll get yer juices flow’n-substance and reason doesn’t seem to do the trick.”

    I heard them got fancy nice things too-THEY THINK’N THEY BETTER THEN THER REST UV US FOLK? I want fancy things too, don’t you?

    Hey, what about their mandate or plans to change things, does it even exist?

    “HUH? Ain’t that what maticu-lus detailed coverage of town meetns is fer? That typ a stuff is fer meaningless fillerbustering with endless committee, subcommittee, corporate like command infostructor doddlings and tweak’n. THEM’S GOT MORE MONNEH THIN ME-THAT’S NOT FAIR! I hate commies cause my granddad faught’em-but I want my share of all yer fancy stuff and money. Is their toilet seats made a gold and such. I betcha they smoke 20 doller bills-WOOOOO!”

    I don’t f’n care-you wonder why most of don’t give a s”t about participating in government-this is why. There’s no dynamics to be changed-it’s not a dynamic system of checks and balances that works towards making a change for the people, between them and government while preserving their rights in a favorable ratio that of the current government . It’s this pointless self serving grey matter in between reality and pergatory.


  5. Since I never liked his politics, or the Greens either, maybe this will have an impact:

    Richest US Senators’ Top Stock Trades in 2007:
    John Kerry D MA

    Average Net Worth of Household in 2006:

    Gee, he’d could save the state budget with that much coin. Maybe even buy Wusta.


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