Grace Ross to make “big announcement”

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Worcester’s own gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross will make a “big announcement” on the State House steps today at 10:00. We’ve been unable to reach her so far this morning, but our best guess is that she’ll announce that she’s gotten the number of signatures needed to be a candidate at the state Democratic convention and face Deval Patrick in a primary.

Update: The Boston Herald reports that Ross failed to get the 10,000 signatures she needed to get on the ballot.

Update II: We just got off the phone with Ross, who said that gathering the signatures was easy because of “the anger on the ground” regarding the economy and the lack of a “regular person” in the race, but it was just that her campaign couldn’t find enough volunteers to gather all the names necessary. “The story really needs to be are any of the other candidates going to step up and address that anger on the ground?”

Ross says that she’ll “stay in the dialogue” and some of her supporters are discussing a write-in campaign, but she’s focused on her new book coming out called Main Street Smarts, which deals with the foreclosure crisis.



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4 responses to “Grace Ross to make “big announcement”

  1. Nothing in the T&G.
    Nothing in the Globe.
    WOMAG got a first. Well almost.
    Anyway, you got yourself a headline dude.

    On the other hand, who cares about Grace Ross?

  2. Hugh G Rekshun

    What a devastating loss for humanity!

  3. zed

    For me the appeal of a candidate wears thin if they can’t run a successful campaign.

  4. Okay, speaka the English please

    For me a the appeal for a candidate runs thin when all they can do is make a nice power point presentation and be a professional sociopath. I quess I’m just one of those crazy lunatics that puts emphasis on utility, but hey-what the haller do I know?

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