Big night at City Hall

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Two important subcommittee meetings are happening tonight. At 6:00 the Rules and Legislative Affairs committee will hear local ACLU director Ronal Madnick’s petitions calling for 30 minute open forum before each city council meeting where citizens can speak directly to the council regardless of what they’re talking about is on the agenda or not. His other item asks that citizen petitioners be allowed to speak for five minutes on their petition the day it’s on the agenda. With an open forum before council meetings supporters are hoping people will just stroll in to talk, like Steve Jobs does. (Warning: The video is kind of boring, but the councilors love that he’s talking to them.)

Across the hall at 6:30 a joint meeting between the Public Works and Public Service and Transportation committees will gather with CSX honchos and continue to hammer away at solutions to closing Putnam Lane and a mitigation fund for abutters. At last month’s meeting some creative solutions were proposed, but they would considerably increase the price of the project. Expect some quibbling tonight over who’s going to pay for what.


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