Mayor O’Brien’s letter to Arizona

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

As we said in one of our news stories this week, even though the resolution to send a letter to Arizona expressing collective disappointment with their recently passed immigration law didn’t make it through City Council, Mayor O’Brien will be sending a letter anyway (solely from the mayor, rather than on behalf of the City).

It will be sent to Governor Jan Brewer, state senate President Robert Burns and AZ Speaker of the House Kirk Adams.

Full letter after the jump:

May 11, 2010
Governor Jan Brewer
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Dear Governor Jan Brewer,

As Mayor of the City of Worcester Massachusetts I write to express my deepest concern and opposition to Arizona Senate Bill 1070. I strongly believe that when we diminish the rights of one group, we endanger the freedoms of all Americans. I believe this law does just that.

My community, Worcester, is a city that has a rich history of standing for freedom and human rights. That history includes the earliest days of the American Revolution through nineteenth century campaigns for the abolition of slavery and women’s rights, to the civil rights movement of the 1960s. We have also long been a city of immigrants who have come from all parts of the globe to build a better life for their families and to enjoy the blessings of this great nation. I do not believe that immigrants or the children of immigrants, from Worcester or anywhere else, should have to fear traveling to Arizona or any other state in our country.

While we appreciate the many problems faced by our fellow citizens in Arizona, we believe that this legislation has a potential to impact the civil rights and liberties of Americans. I believe that the answer to the challenges faced by your state can only be resolved by comprehensive federal immigration reform. I and many people in our community are working towards this end. While we wait for these reforms, I ask that you reconsider this legislation.

Sincerely Yours,

Mayor Joseph C. O’Brien



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21 responses to “Mayor O’Brien’s letter to Arizona

  1. Honestly doesn’t this guy have anything else to do?
    Doesn’t Wusta have enough issues to keep him busy?
    What about all those (apparently empty) promises he made?
    Can we impeach that clown?
    Do a recount maybe?
    Something to just get rid of him.
    Ya see Wusta, this is what you voted for.

  2. Peaceful

    Thank u Mayor. May God continue to guide u in your seat of power and leadership of worcester. I deeply agree with u that through your dynamic leadership and compasion for mankind in servng and kepping the American people safe, suc laws in Arizona show be trash to the cabage because its does not reflect the American dream.
    It seem like we need to check the historical backgroud of this Governor in Arizona. Dont he she know that she is a stranger in this land? if no, I think u guyes needs to invte her and propoerly check her orgin or family origin. It sad how people behave or turn to be a wicked animal when they have power. We need to kick her our from this seat and leave in the hands of the Immigrants to teach a lession for two minuts. Is her parent alive? where is her kids? are they not saying anything to warn this old craq headed governor of Arizona? any way I will stop here for now and wait for another comment from those crazy people are a commenting negatives stuffs against. We are with u and will always be with u. Bravo mayor!!

  3. D

    Thank you Mayor O’Brien for being a true leader and having the courage to stand up and voice your opinion on an issue that is of great concern to so many of this cities residents. I am ashamed at the number of councilors that voted to stifle democratic debate and instead chose to hide their opinions from their constituents behind procedural rules. Worcester is lucky to have a mayor who is not willing to stand idly in silence and watch the rights of our fellow Americans being trampled.

    I commend you for your stance, with or without the support of the council.

  4. extrachris_p

    This is BS. We should all be calling his office and telling O’Brien not to send this letter.

    Any letter from him is a letter from Worcester.

    The Council has voted and it didn’t go your way. Move on Mr Mayor.

  5. Hey Jeremy, how about doin a story on the cat fight between Rosalie and Diane?
    Wusta is desperate for some entertainment.

    PS. The post from “D” is Mayor Joe’s wife.
    I know her IP.

  6. A Wustah alumna

    Thank you Mayor for standing for the rich history of Worcester ,for the Constitutional protection of minority rights, and for the diversity of our population.

  7. Caroline F.

    Thank you Mayor O’Brien for sending a clear message that Arizona’s egregious disregard of civil rights does not reflect Worcester’s values. It saddens and surprises me that the City Council would choose to stifle debate on an issue that is vital to their constituents. I cannot think of a more important issue for a mayor to tackle than the defense of basic constitutional rights and freedoms.

  8. Jesse L.

    Thank you Mayor. I think this injustice needs to be stopped in its tracks. The people who don’t see the point in sending the letter and divesting from Arizona don’t see a country full of immigrants and the continuous struggle for equality and justice. We are linked in this struggle and we will fight for our brothers and sister in Arizona just like we will continue the fight here in Worcester. I feel your letter is a step in the right direction. We have to have to courage in our own city to stand up against racism including in our own city counsel like Paul Clancy and in the media like Jordan Levy. Together we can stop this nonsense.

  9. I’m seeing some startling syntactical similarities in the posts. It’s the same person. The IP confirms it.

    Ya see, even Honest Joe’s sycophants aren’t adverse to manipulating information.

    Sad, sad, sad.

  10. Christine

    Well said, Mayor O’ Brien!

    I really think you did a great job of summarizing the issue and explaining why they should oppose the bill.

    Kudos to you for standing up on behalf of us!

  11. Thank you, Mayor Joseph C. O’Brien. It is a breath of fresh air to have an honest man express the sentiments of the peace loving people of America, those who have long yearn for justice and equality for themselves and for their fellowman.
    But you know full well the History that tells of the bloody story of genocide committed by our European ancestors, founding fathers of these United States against the indigenous population that had resided here centuries before. The cruel and bloody story of the African slaves, that no where in the annals of human history has there being a more cruel dehumanizing institution as that carried out by law decreed by the ruling elite.
    And what of the number of immigrants from various parts of the European continent who also had sad stories of oppression and injustices, which they suffered needlessly at the hands of those who abused there position of power.
    The fact that Arizona had being part of Mexico before the American government took it by force is easily forgotten. That those who had lived there from the time that Mexico ruled that area and had remain is relegated to forgotten historical archives. So too, the native Indian population who had received the land as part of the, too many to count, treaties not honored, is only another sad footnote in this Country’s bloody history of oppression.
    So given this type of background it is not surprising the actions being taken in Arizona by the minority ruling elite since they follow the bloody footprint of their ancestors.
    Why the words you give voice to are those of the oppressed and of those who’s ancestors blood cry out for justice. I thank you for standing up for Justice and for the Words in the Constitution That declare that ALL men, and women for that matter, are created equal.
    They deserve, no they have earn the right that they be treated humanly.
    Those lap dogs like Will W. W. who sole function in life is to eat the scraps of their masters and to bark against humanity do not merit the ears of humanity. The ruling elite and not representative democracy is who they serve. They are not the voice of the People.
    You Mayor are at this time doing us, the people, a great service in speaking out and that body, the city council, reflects not the will of the people. A people who want and call for their elected officials to represent them, and not special interest. A people who call for transparency from their governmental officials, and that call for, and which is their right to demand, a vote on the motion to have the City of Worcester send that letter, but which they fail to do. They too are but little people who serve the interest of the ruling elite and not the people they call their constituents.
    It is not your failure, Mr Mayor, but theirs and they are the ones that should be voted out of office.

  12. mexiCAN! cause WE CAN'T, YES!

    Thank you Mayor, for sending a message that you support people’s basic rights and what this country was made by, immigrants.

    Unfortunately for them, they are only getting a damn letter meant to further your political career-NOT THE RIGHTS OF IMMIGRANTS, you POLITICIAN! Thank you for your WELL CALCULATED STAND. This is a bunch of bs-you don’t mean it-you’re not down!

    Don’t give me that crap people, about your great grand parents, blah, blablaBLAH! Italians, Irish, German, Polish-they came here in spades with no DOCUMENTATION-fake last names even! The earthquakes in Italy, potato diseases in Ireland, potato fingers in Germany-NONE CAME HERE AS A RESULT OF GOLDEN NOSED AMERICANS!
    A drug war messed up much of the lands to the south of North America where coca grows better, turned families in on eachother, scared tourists-drew in more “tourists”, exploited any opportunity unsustainably and stripped rainforests of their biomass leaving nothing but a few years worth of future cattle run dirt. The race for the gringo’s dollar made life worth less than an ounce of numbing agent.

    If you are a Mexican, or any immigrant, but in this case most especially a Mexican-you need to ask yourself one question.
    “Am I a MexiCAN, or am I a MexiCAN’T?!!”
    Cause a damn letter ain’t doin anything. These politicians are a plastic donkey. They look good, like they’ll help you out alot-but they’ll leave you going nowhere on a plastic donkey, while they move on in their political career.

    Yes, you are a MexiCAN, cause these lazy AmeriCAN’Ts don’t want to. You are the life blood of this greedy, false idol worshiping, teenager of a nation. YES YOU CAN!

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Use what they waste,thrive off of their inconveniences, make the sweat of your brow the best drink in the house-ignore their poisonous addictions, eat well, sleep well, live simply-THEY HATE THAT. You can be a brain SURGEON! They’d rather send letters for a cause across the country that they do nothing for, while neglecting their own minorities right in their city-YOU’RE SMARTER THAN THAT!

  13. “don’t see a country full of immigrants and the continuous struggle for equality and justice. We are linked in this struggle and we will fight for our brothers and sister in Arizona just like we will continue the fight here in Worcester.” – Jesse L

    everything is a struggle with you cats..spend a weekend just sipping Mai Tais and smokin’ some good grass to relax ya selves……

  14. Thank you Mayor O-Brian
    I am deeply moved by your courage to take it upon yourself to send a letter in opposition to this outrageous law I was in attendance to witness the cowardice of the council. I was also applaud by the the vitriol from the Tea Baggers please do not let yourelf or the council be intimidated by vile movement of bigots. Stand Strong


  15. Joe Cora

    Thanks mayor for doing the right thing.Doing the right thing isn’t always popular and that takes courage. Discrimination has to borders and no state lines. Laws set precedent and if we allow it in Arizona, then it is simply a matter of time before they try to bring it here.

  16. Willy my man! Or should I call you Wilfredo? Thanks for the shout out El Dudeo. I can call you El Dudeo right? Not like I’m trying to offend your hispanic sensibilities if I’m overly familiar.

    Question please. In what century do you live?
    Me thinks you missed the boat when the Conquistadors left Wusta like some 460 years ago dude.

    Hey, you work at Clark U.?

  17. Hey Willy, its me again. Que Pas!

    You strike as the sorta dude who can use some Anger Management Training.

    Here’s a website that should be on interest to you: Give it a shot. You’ll feel better about yourself.

    Me thinks your sorta ranting turns folks off. Don’t cha think?

    Hey, ya can even do it the comfort of your own home.

    Good luck!

  18. I don’t know you Will W. W., the sadness that your comments generate are not a result of some humble response by me, no, rather it is the feeling I have of pity that a seeming learner individual like you can not master a straight argument in support of your position. You prefer, as so many of your compatriots do, to express personal attacks against those you disagree. You add no value to any discussion. No insight. But yes, you do cause emotional reactions that tend to muddy the dialogue. Your ends are not a peaceful resolution to some perceive trouble. You prove the point that many more people hold that it is of no real value to engage you in any meaningful conversation. Your failure sir, not mine. Today in the year 2010 we have around the planet Earth and right here in the USA slavery, we have the highest population in prison, 2.3 million. We have an ever increasing population of poor, homeless, people in this the riches country in the world. We demand ever increasing military budget and without question, but its OK to cut social spending. We don’t mind subsidizing rich multinational corporations, like the oil corporations, but not the funding for Universal Health Care say via a Medicare 4 All. You care to terrorize everyone who is not WASP, and not only penalizing the targeted population of Hispanics and other people of color but have a law that will punish the communities that fail to act to enforce this terrorist tactic, by having law suits against them. There is little that you would say about something that could bankrupt a community. Yours are not the interest of justice or freedom sir. All too familiar are what comes out of you, the condescending and patronizing expressions that you make to someone you do not know. You are a child misbehaving. Ranting and complaining for not having things go your way. You sir, should be dismissed from adult company.

  19. Hey dude I saw your pic. Niccceee suit. Walmart?
    If you’re running for office, you at least got O’Brien beat.

    You posted a 03:20. Gee… been up all night writing this stuff? And where did you learn syntax? No need to answer that. Might get more than I expect.

    Alright, I can’t admit to being the root of all evil on this planet. That’s George W. Bush. But thanks for the hat tip.

    And the next time, let’s drop the sir stuff.

  20. Wait a sec. Since you put so much time into that diatribe, I at least otta respond in kind. You know, good manners right?

    Although I appreciate a well formulated tirade, yours is a fanatical and naïve perspective of history. Your historical references about enslavement, mistreatment, and injustice are melodramatic, not worthy of discussion. You cloak yourself in righteous indignation, which makes your arguments theatrical if not ridiculous. That may impress certain groups and mentalities you’re playing to, but the masses, although collectively stupid, are not convinced. And neither am I.

    Since this is about Mayor O’Brien’s letter, not about your histrionics. It’s about whether he has the legal and political authority to do what he did? No. Was it in the interest of the City of Worcester? No. And it’s political ramifications. We’ll see.

    We know it was one man’s sole decision to embarrass the 138th largest city in the United States. For what? To boost his self-image? His political stature? Portray himself as Mayor Joe against Goliath? The fact of the matter it was an immature stunt by an inept politician to deflect attention from the real issue i.e., his inability to realize his grand agenda, that which he promised the citizens he would fulfill if elected. Now, almost a quarter of his term is over and what has he done? He wrote a letter.

    It has to be apparent to the citizens of Worcester that Mayor O’Brien is floundering. So what does he do in that case? He resorts to Plan B – if things go from bad to worse, deflect issues by assuming a mantle of moral indignation on an issue that has nothing to do with Worcester, human rights in another state (a state under siege by foreign criminal elements). Contesting their right to discharge the authority given to them by federal law and confirmed by the Supreme Court of this nation. Who would dare criticize Mayor O’Brien’s stance in this politically correct era? Well, me for one and another 80% of the local population, including I might add, a majority of his colleagues on the council.

    It has to be said, Mayor O’Brien is the wrong man for the job of Mayor. He’s a not leader. He’s an office clerk cum politician who’s in-over-his-head. He’s an anachronism, a throwback to an era when the bad guy was the government. He refuses to adapt. Failing to comprehend that today’s bad guys are corporations enabled by corrupt and incompetent politicians. He has issues on the City Council. He is overwhelmed by the pettiness and arrogance of his council colleges, by the municipal bureaucrats, and by his union sycophants. Now he’s divisive. He’s the issue.

    Of this soon to be of this naïve and enervating game, we are the losers. Mayor O’Brien will deflect any responsibility, playing a game, making humanity the antagonist. He’ll reference his moral authority to be the belligerent in this case – coming further from the real issue – state’s rights. He’ll take up a crusade, ignoring his legal and moral responsibilities to the citizens of the City of Worcester. He’ll circulate more propaganda about human rights abuses in other venues, until even the patience of his sycophants is exhausted, until his meager political capital is expended. Accomplishing nothing.

    It will take time before he realizes that, but the message from the voters will come through. Then he’ll focus on simpler, less divisive issues – crime, trash, and streets. But he’s not humbled, or unrepentant, but more convinced of his divine authority. Eventually he’ll find another reason to decry human rights abuses in some other venue and he’ll turn the City Council into a bigger circus with him the clown.
    If O’Brien wants to leave a legacy (I’m sure he does), then he should be addressing the issues he campaigned on. But I suspect he’s really interested in making a name for himself, to the detriment of the citizens, until Congressman McGovern and Lt. Governor Murray can help boost him on to another higher stage for his antics, and saturating the Massachusetts political machine with liberal clowns.

    Unfortunately the Worcester political machine of the last 40 years hasn’t produced any leaders, rather corrupt and petty politicians who ignore the will of the voters, whose sole job is to appease a consortium of morally destitute and ethically challenged institutes of higher education.

    If Mayor O’Brien wants a leave laudable legacy, a PILOT program is worthy of his attention.
    Everything else is a waste of time and energy.

  21. Well, well, Will W. W., you sure can write, and do so for some length.
    But not to waste too much of your time rather than discuss the entire dialogue I will try to examine just your second paragraph.
    I see you make a lot of references to what I say in such a manner that is to reduce it to worthless words minimizing there import and relevance to the subject at hand, and you so summarize them as follows:
    1. ‘a fanatical and naive perspective of history’
    2. historical references are melodramatic, not worthy of discussion
    3. cloak yourself in righteous indignation, which makes your arguments theatrical if not ridiculous
    4. the masses, although collectively stupid, are not convinced. And neither am I.

    I will only focus on these four points because they do justice to your little tirade.
    1. What are you defining as fanatical? Anything someone says is fanatical if you don’t like it?
    What was said that was naive? Can you quote that which you found naive? Is everything naive? You say it is a perspective that is naive, well then what perspective is not naive, you do not point to any so as to help you prove your point.
    2. You judge the historical references as melodramatic and then dismiss them as not worthy of discussion. What is your basis for judgment? When and how do historical references become melodramatic?
    3. Your reference to my cloaking myself in righteous indignation makes me wonder why do you say is a cloak? What evidence can you present that this is a fact? And when you proceed to conclude that the argument becomes theatrical if not ridiculous how can you establish what you claim is true? Surely there is a basis beyond mere words to support your claim.
    Last but not lease is:
    4. the masses, although collectively stupid, are not convinced. And neither am I
    Wow, were can I begin? Your comments, all of them are the comments of an elite and so condescending in every way. You want to state “the masses, although collectively stupid,” YES, this is in fact your view of the people of Worcester, they are stupid according to you!! In all your comments this come out without mistaking it for something else. You elevate yourself above the masses, just as your masters do. But you are a mere lap dog to them. They pull your strings and you perform your tricks for them. *
    Any way, the fact is that you want to have numbers on your side so you then do this: ‘the masses, are not convinced. And neither am I.’
    So many people are not convinced so the conclusion we must draw is that the argument must be false or weak or useless since they fail to convince so many people even though stupid can easily see it.
    But what about this question: Could the masses not be convince because they are stupid? Being stupid can be an impediment don’t you think?
    Well, it looks like your effort to reduce and dismiss what you don’t like is base on your deep rooted position of important you give yourself. Go Will W. W. wannabee master of the ‘stupid masses’
    omg lol

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