You haven’t forgotten that Worcester Mag on Tap is tomorrow, right?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Hey readers/friends/haters, our fourth ever Worcester Mag on Tap is happening tomorrow evening at City Park Grill (that place you’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t get past those hazy memories of McFadden’s). The staff there will be waiting to impress you with $5 food and drink specials.

We’ve got a Facebook group up for it as well, which means it’s officially a party. It says so in their privacy settings.

Bring your friends. Meet our incredibly shrinking (“streamlined?”) editorial staff. Yell at me about Cover it Live not working last night.



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2 responses to “You haven’t forgotten that Worcester Mag on Tap is tomorrow, right?

  1. Hey readers/friends/haters, …. you guys seem to be a bit in the dumps.

    Nuttin like a cold one to change that.

    Listen unless you guys are buyin, there ain’t no reason to go.

    Come on, one night of open bar and you’ll have tons of friends. Me included!

    What more could you ask for?

  2. Who can afford to go out any more – besides real estate extortionists or finance industry sleazeballs? Even those Average Joes and Janes who are “lucky” enough to still have full-time jobs are forced to hand at least 60 percent of it over to mortgage lenders or mega-landlords. Sure makes us miss the ’80’s when workers had the leverage to demand higher wages, and housing costs ate less than 20 percent of net incomes. It was the decade of “Why save up for a rainy day when the sun is always shining?” Little did we know that while we were out spending all that disposable income…

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