Is it hot in here or is it just Arizona?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Local ACLU director Ronal Madnick has had a busy last couple weeks. After quietly announcing himself as an Independent candidate for the 13th Worcester state representative seat (he’ll kick into high gear after the primaries, he said) he appeared at last week’s City Council meeting calling for 30 minute “public access open forums” before agenda items are discussed. This week he’ll approach the council with a petition calling for the city to “not participate in any business activities substantially connected with the State of Arizona and municipalities in Arizona.”

It’s gained traction, too. Rick Rushton, Joff Smith, Mike Germain and Joe O’Brien have signed on to a resolution that takes Madnick’s petition word for word, and the council will vote on it (or table it) Tuesday.



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8 responses to “Is it hot in here or is it just Arizona?

  1. What’s next will we be boycotting every boarder sate in this country?
    Check this out:

    The events depicted in that video is from the Canadian border.

  2. No more iced tea?

    What the hell did their iced tea do to Worcester? As a boarder state, they do have reason to invest more into controlling illegal immigration.

    However, wouldn’t just putting more troops on the boarder help better than stopping anybody who looks suspiciously…Hispanic?

    I wondered why and am beginning to wonder if it’s less about discrimination and more about settling for less control over illegal smuggling because National Guard occupying the boarder sends the “wrong” message. Settling for racial profiling seems to be less of a concern than something else, possibly, more important or profitable going on across the boarder.

    There are no critical shortages I’ve heard of for any of the various jobs in the Guard, that would be utilized to maintain boarder security-maybe Arizona is different(doubt it though).

    “YEAH YOU! Lemme guess, tanning salon using stronger bulbs these days?”
    “I DON’T THINK SO! Let’s see your id.”
    Here you go. What are you doing?
    “Hot sauce…cumin….ooh what’s this….GOYA SAZON?!! Beans, rice….Get your ass out of the car, I know who you are!” “And who in hell buys GREEN BANANAS?!”
    They’re Plantains sir.
    “Plantations is right, hectares of them huh? You’re goin down buddy. I’m gonna call you Pablo.”

  3. extrachris_p

    Why are we wasting our taxpayer money on voting for this useless boycott?

    Its a fact. These illegals are costing us millions. Is it that much of an issue to just say No More, you are not welcome here unless you go through the proper channels.

    Christ, enough is enough with this boycott BS.

  4. Liberal

    Good for the progressive councilors for speaking their minds on issues outside of Worcester. I applaud them for standing up to neanderthal media loudmouths like Jim Polito, who likes to make fun of Rick Rushton but who himself has an uncanny resemblance to Family Guy Peter Griffin.

  5. So now its the 4 Stooges?

  6. t-traveler starting live chat a half-hour before Daily Worcesteria (6:30 pm)

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