Beshai withdraws from sheriff race

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

It was only two weeks ago that Frank Beshai formally announced his entrance in the Worcester County Sheriff’s race, but citing personal reasons he’s decided to withdraw before his fundraisers started.

His departure is significant because the only other Republican in the race, Holden State Rep. Lew Evangelidis, will now have a primary-free run, barring some unforeseen eleventh hour entry.

Beshai’s announcement in full:

Press Release

Release Date: Immediately.

Subject: Withdrawal from Sheriff Race.

As of today 5/4/2010 I am removing my name as a candidate for Sheriff of Worcester County.

The reasons for my withdrawal are personal and I have given them much consideration.

The timing for this comes just days before many fundraisers including a major fundraiser at 55 Pearl St. this Friday that I am sure would have raised a substantial amount to kick this campaign off.

As of this time all fundraisers and events are canceled. I want to do this before my supporters began contributing their hard earned money to a campaign that I can not give 100% of myself. I will continue to work with my non profits that I have been with for so many years. At this time of my life I want to do things I have enjoyed for so long and seen such huge results.

Over the next several weeks I will be giving my support to the candidate that I believe has the best interest of community and it’s safety, who will do the work to reduce recidivism and who can work with all the employees of the jail that will make it safe, comfortable and productive. The candidate who has a plan for the jail not just ideas.

This seat should not be about party affiliation but about qualifications. That is who we should all look for.



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2 responses to “Beshai withdraws from sheriff race

  1. Not bad Jer!
    You managed to post 10 minutes after the T&G.
    Let’s see if we can get that down to 3 minutes the next time.

  2. Liberal

    Frank should not “Be Shy” about running. Seriously, can’t wait for this BIG republican revolution comming in November. Republicans, say NO to everything, including campaigning.

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