Crowne Plaza sale won’t stop Summer Nationals

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Good news: The buoy of the North Main St. economy will continue to bob (no pun intended) as Summer Nationals owner Bob Moscoffian says the sale of the Crowne Plaza won’t stop this year’s show. From the website:

With the breaking news today that the Crowne Plaza Hotel will be closing in June show owner Bob Moscoffian announced that the 20th annual show will go on as planned! “The show has endured many obstacles in the past and always comes out on top!” The Crowne Plaza Hotel has been the “show headquarters” for many years but there are many other beautiful hotels in the downtown area and a list of local hotels that are available for show patrons will be added later today. As soon as any additional news becomes available it will be posted here and also on the Summer Nationals Community Forum.

The website also provides a list of other hotels in Worcester where fans can stay.



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5 responses to “Crowne Plaza sale won’t stop Summer Nationals

  1. Liberal

    If it doesn’t work out we can always have a great big LOBSTER bake!

  2. zed

    This year’s major obstacle could be Lobster Bob’s pending jail sentence.

  3. Jim May

    The Nationals going forward is like hokey teen movies like “Rock Around the Clock” with Bill Haley and the Comets as the stars or “Footloose”: You can’t stop Rock n Roll.

  4. The what of who's economy?

    The buoy of North Main economy?

    They don’t even hire local carpenters there-what you mean “buoy” of that area’s economy?

    We can’t afford to stay there-maybe I should take a look around in there to savor a piece of history before the place is gone. I hear it’s not bad, better than than the PIP at least.

    F’n court house is a monument, so when people go there to pay tickets and get sent to jail they can be like, “Well gee wiz, look at the grand old architecture. I’m so glad my taxes went into this big fancy court house intsead of helping my community.”

    And that statue!
    Could there be a way to convert the hotel to some kind of rain water collecting/powered turbine system(like a big bucket with a funnel inside opened up to a ripped off roof and down narrowing on the inside to a pipe into a water powered turbine). Put wind power on the roof, maybe stick those things that make FREE ENERGY FROM THE FREAK’N SUNNNN ON IT…Something useful? Pease?

    What’s that damn giant computer processor looking building with the AT&T sign?
    It’s like a giant IBM computer just sitting around calculating how much opportunity gets wasted.
    Tick tick tick, buzz buzz shake’n and shake’n and was SHAKE’N N SHAKE’N!

  5. Chris Gould

    Im sure the school and students are going to want to be enveloped in a huge cloud of burning rubber smoke for the weekend.

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