Blog Log Digital 4/29/2010

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Brent S. Abrahamson” on

First let me say that I do not gamble, nor do I use marijuana. If the Commonwealth of Massachusetts tried to make any money from me for either activity, they’d be out of luck. Nevertheless, there is talk of a new revenue source for the state — casino gambling. Does this really make sense? Clearly the time has come to legalize marijuana. This has been part of the underground culture for decades. A great deal of money is spent by those who use marijuana, and that money goes to illicit providers that the state spends enormous amounts to catch, prosecute, and often imprison. It is an unwinnable war, and one that can no longer be justified.

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

I can’t and certainly don’t consider myself a pizza connoisseur, but when I taste great pizza I know it! Earlier this week, my Alma mater, Bryant College, now Bryant University Bryant University (goes to show you how long it’s been since I graduated), held a alumni social at the Armsby Abbey, which just so happens to be owned by another Bryant alumna, Sherri Sadowski. I had a good time meeting some fellow alums, sharing stories from “back in the day” and some old stories that will live in infamy (I will invoke my 5th Amendment rights).

So as the Bryant social came to a close, I decided to hang out for a bit longer and have some drinks and kick-it with my new found friend, Chris, who’s a California transplant who knows a thing or two about sneakers (Hmmmm….a cat who speaks my language). 

I wanted something to eat and had a craving for some pizza, to which Chris recommends the Thai Pizza that sounded great on the menu but to taste it…..there aren’t enough words to describe it! You have to taste it for yourself and tell me it’s not the BEST pizza you’ve ever had!

Posted by “Jim Gonyea” on

A friend of mine recently posted a joke on Facebook yesterday, but I think it’s a joke with a lot of merit. He was joking about the Tea Party and that tea isn’t really an American drink, and that they should be called the Coffee Party since coffee is the great American beverage. When I think of the Tea Party I think of a bunch of people getting red faced and screaming with uncontrolled emotion on topics they don’t really understand. When I think of coffee drinkers I generally think of adults sitting down to have conversation at the kitchen table. The discussion can get heated, but it always simmers down with a refreshed cup of coffee and a slice of pie.  So when I think of the Coffee Party I envision an anti-Tea Party. Not anti as in against, but anti as in the opposite. I think of a group of adults sitting down to talk politics in an adult manner. Learn something about each other’s view points, and perhaps even come to consensus or at least respect and understanding. So I like this idea of a Coffee Party.

Posted by “Mike” on

Massachusetts Legislature needs to get busy and pass the casino legislation as soon as possible, but with public hearings first. New Hampshire State Legislature just handed Massachusetts a gift by voting down up to six proposed video slot locations in New Hampshire, including two somewhere near the Massachusetts border. I support the Massachusetts Casino bill the House passed and supported by House Speaker DeLeo in part. The part I don’t like is procedural. There was no public hearings on the bill. No public hearing is typical Democrat operating procedure on the Federal level, no usually on the State level. I feel the public hearings should be done now so all people can be heard. Once this bill is passed, there should also be hearings done in the areas where casinos and racinos are planned.

Posted by “Nicole” on

I don’t know which I resent more — the litter illegally dumped on Swan Avenue and in God’s Acre, or the T&G littering on my lawn in the expectation that I might actually pay to have them litter my lawn this way every day.  My husband and I both delivered papers for the T&G back in the days when kids went door to door with them, and we NEVER left papers on lawns or hurled them onto steps.  They were placed in porches, mail slots, or between a storm door and front door.  We’d quickly lose a customer if we started tossing papers onto their lawn or at the bottom of their driveway.


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