Mass. College of Pharmacy to buy Crowne Plaza

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The Telegram‘s article has been fleshed out from this morning, and more details are clear about Mass. College of Pharmacy’s purchase of the failed hotel. The purchase went for $16.8 million, and comes with around $2 million in improvements/additions to the building, and the school’s president, Charles Monahan, says the school has agreed to pay the building’s full tax assessment ($420,800) for the first year, followed by 20% of that in following years.

It looks like students will move in there this summer. The real winner in all of this? There will be hundreds of college students living and studying right across the street from the Armsby Abbey.



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12 responses to “Mass. College of Pharmacy to buy Crowne Plaza

  1. This is sorta otta WOMAG’s purview huh?
    So, if the T&G reported it, why the heck is WOMAG repeating it? It’s not like DW is the first place folks go for the local news.

    Hey Jeremy, since ya already saw my chili post. Extrapolating on that idea and help WOMAG get better acquainted with the locals, why not sponsor a Chili Fest this summer?

    This freaking city desperately needs entertainment. Those Summer Nationals are boring. Plus I ain’t got a mullet cut so they won’t let me near the cars.

  2. crown pharma

    Crown Pharma instead of crown plaza.

    Why not just turn it into a parking garage?

  3. worcestermagazine

    Just you wait, that Armsby Abbey projection is going win us a Pulitzer.

  4. Whoaaaa Jer-dude!
    Put those fangs back in your desk man.

    The story you missed is that the demise of a hotel is symptomatic of a dying city and confirmed by the expansion of another non-profit. That’s a story worth reporting huh?

    So what’s gonna happen to the Summer Nationals w/o CP? Maybe it’s time they moved on – got a reason now. Heck didn’t they almost walk away last year cause the city manager got a bad case of attitude.

    Or, maybe they’ll head over to the “new” Wal-Mart. They got a big parking lot right? It’d sure as heck boost their business.

    So ya better write it up before Nicole does and bores us to death with it.

    Like I always said, last one otta Wusta, please turn off the lights.

  5. We’ll never be able to get into Armsby Abbey again.

  6. Scott

    Who’d want to patronize those whiney libs at the Abbey anyhow.

  7. But what I have learned is no one caters to those who live downtown. As a resident at Bancroft, there are hundreds of MCP students right in the heart of the city that NO ONE markets too.

    And why would these students be able to afford the Abbey, you are a pharmacy student because you are smart, no necessarily rich. Just Saying….

  8. You raise a good point, Crystal: is anyone thinking about what the students do need downtown?

  9. Who give a toot about what the “students downtown” want or need? This place has a financial crisis on its hands and you’re concerned with two hundred transients?

    It’s not like the taxpayers are obligated to hold their hands too. You two expect 24/7/365 babysitting. Cripes, the taxpayers pay for them and you guys think they otta be doing more? Folks, this is another example of what the blogger scene deems important to this city – babysitting.

    Better still. Why don’t you two debate the impact of a cash-only-PILOT on economic development and expansion in Wusta. Go ahead. Impress us.

    Here’s a tip. Why don’t you two start a wake up service for the kids? Wouldn’t want them missing class now, would we?

  10. It is not about financing then Will, it is about marketing to the population that lives downtown. I am not a student but I live in the Bancroft and there are over 400 apartments right on my block.

    You have plenty of housing but nothing to draw people to the area.

    “Build it and they will come”

    How are the taxpayers paying for them? Most of the MCP students are not American Students, so there is no financial aide for them.

    Maybe by having other things to offer people would choose to stay in the Worcester area beyond their education.

    Also I hate to say it but with the addition of a couple hundred more rooms for MCP students Bancroft is going to be hurting as their apartments will not need to second as Pharmacy student housing.

  11. and Will if you hate Worcester so much -MOVE!

  12. I knew you’d respond. Won $10. Thanks!

    Gotta dispense with the insults first.
    Girl, I like that attitude, ya learn that blogging on the T&G?

    Why is it that you Wusta gah gah’s (fanatics) always throw out the, if you don’t like it then move… line?
    Is that really your best response?
    Doesn’t say much for your intellectual prowess, does it?

    Listen, it’s your closed-minded Wusta mindset that’s the issue.
    I suppose on your planet (by the way, which one is that?) naysayers are labeled traitors and heretics, to be burned at the stake? This is 2010 not Salem 1692.

    Okay, let’s start.
    You of all people have the audacity to criticize me. At least I’ve spent time thinking about the issues and came to a conclusion.
    That blog of yours – Ms. Chrystal’s life – the trials and tribulations of being completely and utterly self-centered, is not quite an advertisement for living in Wusta is it? But that’s not the point. But it’s a good barb eh?
    Hey, what ever happened to Gabe the Blogga? He sell?

    Let’s see if you can follow this. If you have any questions, raise your hand OK?
    Wusta has been in an economic and mental depression for the last 20 years, as I’ve been told by the lifers, since the Galleria died.

    Blame, blame, who’s to blame? Gotta have a culprit ya know, otherwise your kind of logic won’t function.
    Well, there are two culprits.
    Numerous past and present councilors who sold out the voters for letting the non-profits takeover. CM O’Brien doesn’t do a thing unless The Consortium tells him. Hey Mike – jump!
    And the gah-gahs, like yourselves, for not demanding more from City Hall; electing men and women who lack ideas, intellect, and the courage to make the necessary changes to a failed municipal business model. Got it so far?
    Ask yourself this. Why do only a quarter of registered voters vote in local elections?
    As to your question, and it’s valid, because the vast majority don’t understand the issue. When I say the taxpayers are footing the tab – it’s not about handing out student financial aid – the non-profit schools they attend (and others NP’s) take city, state and federal dollars and services but they didn’t pay for them. Who does? The cash paying taxpaying voters do. Got it so far?
    The local NP’s receive ten-of millions of dollars from those government entities to subsidize programs with little or no return to society, just financing exorbitant salaries for bureaucrats who could care less about their moral and ethical obligations as corporate citizens to the welfare of this town, rather to the 12,000 transients who come here annually to wreck havoc on neighborhoods.
    And of course there are the non-profits who will quote verbatim the propaganda The Worcester Consortium spews about the contributions of “the schools” to the city and the state. Those claims are either exaggerations or outright lies. In fact, I’ve contacted them numerous times to find out how they gather and analyze that info. Of course they never responded.
    Fact. The NP-schools do have a collective endowment of nearly a billion dollars. Wow huh? But they won’t help out? What sort of (corporate) person is it who would turn their back on the very people who help build their institutions? Who made it possible for them to stash a billion in endowments?

    Build it and they will… come on girl, how shallow can you be? Using a lame Hollywood clichés doesn’t support an argument. Sorry, had to say that?

    There are about 1,200 persons living within ¼ mile of City Hall i.e., “downtown”.
    As you may well have noticed, the majority are on welfare. So what do they require?
    They all have state/federally paid rent and cable. They get a stipend to spend to support local businesses.
    What more do they need? A McDonalds perhaps?
    As for students, what do they need to have a fulfilling and exciting life while living in Wusta?
    Answer: who cares. They otta being studying instead of terrorizing residential neighborhoods.

    I suspect living downtown has made you blind to what’s actually there. The place is chock full of entertainment.
    There’s the Tuesday night comedy show at City Hall. And it’s free.
    There’s the WPL offering lectures, films, and books. Also free.
    That replacement for McFaddens, The Centrum, and Hanover Theater. Gotta pay.
    Still would like to know where Hanover came up with that 300,000 visitor’s number?
    As for students, who cares really? They got cars (better than yours) and wads of daddy’s hard earned.

    Jobs… Wusta is strictly NP’s territory. NP’s don’t create jobs .
    Real companies won’t settle here cause City Hall policies cater only to NP’s.
    As you and many already know, Wusta is not an exciting place to live and play. Kids get a degree and blow town – fast,
    Cause there ain’t any jobs to hold them here. There are some in the non-profit sector, but Clark grads have that monopoly. Otherwise nada! Well, maybe a few janitorial jobs at the non-profits.
    You would think with all those degrees coming from the schools, Wusta would be a hotbed of entrepreneurs.
    Think again.

    So now it’s your turn smartypants.
    Go on tell the world, what you’ve done to improve Wusta? Um?

    Why haven’t you and your bloggers buddies banded together to better this place?
    Too busy blogging about your personal lives huh? Figures.

    Here’s a tip.
    Why don’t ya recruit Councilor “ I ain’t met a project I didn’t like” Toomey. Sure her rampant lip service and lack of follow-through will doom any project.
    What about recruiting Mayor “you got a cause, I’ll join” O’Brien. Second thought, fagitit, he’s only interested in helping minorities. Caucasians don’t register on radar screen.
    Ya know, it befuddles me that some office manager got the job as mayor of the 138th largest city in the USA. Ya see, that’s part of the problem with the system, folks without experience and qualifications. We need standards and requirements on who can be a politician, at least in Wusta.

    The others? Fa get em. Too busy trying to get themselves profiled in WOMAG or the T&G on their fictitious accomplishments.
    So there you have. Did I cover everything?

    Now was’t fun?
    We otta do it again huh?

    Ten bucks sez you don’t respond.
    Minimum response of 1,000 words required in order to win. Can ya handle that?

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