Families are always fighting over sharing the bathroom

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The Boston Globe and our very own Telegram & Gazette, both owned by the New York Times, weighed in on House Bill 1728: “An Act relative to gender based discrimination and hate crimes,” (or as opponents of the bill have started calling it, the “Bathroom Bill”) within two days of each other. There appears to be some disagreement in the family though, as their editorials come to different conclusions.

This was a major talking point at the GOP convention last week, as Christy Mihos promised to veto the bill (written by Republican Lt. Gov candidate Richard Tisei). In response, the Charlie Baker campaign handed out hastily printed fliers to the crowd that said Baker, as Governor, would veto any “bathroom bill” that came to his desk. At a press conference afterward (described by the Globe as  “awkward”) Baker reiterated this as Tisei stood next to him. Now, it’s spreading beyond the GOP primary and into the Governor’s race:

In an election that is supposed to be focused on the economy and jobs, the three top candidates for governor are finding social issues stubbornly persistent — including equal rights for transgender people.

The New York Times has yet to cover this with their own editorial or article.



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2 responses to “Families are always fighting over sharing the bathroom

  1. May i share this movement with you

    Fine, trans gender bathrooms. Who gives a crap?
    Seperate stalls with privacy walls and more of them.
    David after the trans gender bathroom.
    “I feel funny.”
    Thats just the raw hamburger.
    “Okay, now. Okay, now the bathroom has two genders.”
    No David, don’t poke her.
    Because she’ll give you stitches.
    “Why is this happening to me?”
    It’s okay, just use the bathroom and wash your hands.
    “Is this real life?”
    Yes David, this is real life.
    “I can’t see anything.”
    You’re not supposed to.
    “Is this going to be FOREVER?”
    No David, its not going to be forever-one day bodily functions will be taxed.
    Stay in your stall David.

  2. Is this real life?

    Okay, now. Okay, now there are two genders in the bathroom.
    Why is this happening to me?
    Is this going to be FOREVER?!

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