Blog Log Digital 4/22/2010

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Chris” on

This is really upsetting. As if I don’t have enough to pay for. I just read in the Boston Herald how Sen. John F. Kerry and Rep Edward J. Markey are putting the taxpayers on the hook for a temple for the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. How’s $68 million sound to you? Sen. Kerry and Rep. Markey, first of all. I don’t care about a temple to the late Sen. Kennedy. This is not the time to be worried about paying for a shrine. Maybe a small section in the Welfare office could be put aside with the late Senators picture, put a few candles bought from Target in there and there you have it. Instant shrine. Probably cost you no more than $100 at the most. Far less than your ridiculous $68 million.

Posted by “Nicole” on

We’ve got people protesting wasteful government spending on the Boston Common, where the government owned land so that anyone could graze their livestock, and in the Worcester Auditorium complex, which was built to honor those who served in a foreign war and which was built with government money.  I thought we were supposed to have some sort of mythology about how our ancestors didn’t have to rely on anyone else’s help, ever.  And that we weren’t supposed to notice that a large part of our government spending is on, well, a couple of foreign wars. And, if they’re all for the free market, why can’t they meet at a place associated with private industry…like the Worcester Common Outlets? (And this is as snarky as I will get on this subject.  I just can’t deal with people with inconsistent political philosophies…myself included.)

Posted by “sdinma” on

I’m OK with the Red Sox sucking as long as the Bruins continue to win. On to the Stanley Cup finals, men!

Posted by “Jeff Barnard” on

Getting phat is one of the things about freedom that makes it all worthwhile. Getting fat, though, seems to have become one of those unwanted side effects they usually talk about with pharmaceuticals. I’ve long felt that the PR campaigning that’s grown more and more prevalent about people being overweight, kids being overweight, and the general push against anyone being overweight… that it’s merely a side effect of the biggest drug of all: “healthcare”. I mean, if science can make us healthy then “healthcare” means something. But if the only real thrust behind all of this anti-obesity campaigning is merely driven by perceptions about insurance costs, then I really do wonder…Basically, my assumption has been that there’s always been fatness that comes with phatness. Prosperity brings satisfaction, as opposed to hunger. And, really, haven’t there always been a fairly steady percentage of overweight people all along? Where’s the proof that this is suddenly a bigger problem?

Posted by “Midnight Rider” on

The Telegram had a long-overdue story Sunday on the tip cups that disgrace the counters of coffee shops and pizza joints all over Central Massachusetts. I have never liked these things as a patron, and I’m being a complete hypocrite in saying that, because once upon a time when I was just a struggling young adult, I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts and the tip jar boosted my hourly rate to $11 or $12 an hour. When you consider that the tips aren’t typically subject to tax – we sure never reported it – the real rate was more like $14 an hour. Not bad at all for pouring coffee, bagging donuts and muffins and doing some cleanup.

Posted by “Bill Randell” on

One of the bigger issues we will see over the next few months will be the Housing Policy in the City of Worcester.  This is extremely important.   Admittedly I know nothing about the public school system in the City of Worcester.  I feel the failure of the two schools recently in the City of Worcester resulting in the firing of both principals, however, may be a direct result of our Housing policy as much as anything else.   The surrounding housing and the residents it attracts, who then send their children to the local public school, has as much to do with the success of that school.  Maybe instead of firing the principals, who I don’t think deserve all the blame, we need to fire out housing policy.


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  1. Okay, lets see… Kennedy, philosophies, Red Sox, fat people, tipping, and housing policy.

    What do they all have in common?

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