Beshai makes it official

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Looks like there’s going to be a Republican primary in the Sheriff’s race this year, as Frank Beshai has officially announced he’s running.

Full press release after the jump.

Announcement: Republican Candidate for Sheriff of Worcester County.
After standing down in the Sheriffs race in 2004 when I was diagnosed with terminal cancel, I have fought the fight to become free of the cancer that has devastated so many lives.
My showing in the 1998 Sheriff’s race with about 40% of the vote. (80,000) and the encouragement of so many people from so many walks of lives along with former Sheriff Flynn’s, outgoing Sheriff Glodis and my own supporters. I began to take a serious look at this race and have received an overwhelming response throughout the county.
This is a historic time in the Sheriffs Dept. The outgoing Sheriff had ran his campaign on issues that he has followed through on. Many of the issues were the same issues that garnished me so many votes in 1998. The closing of the Sheriffs home and obtaining National Accreditation. These where giant steps forward.
We must continue to move forward and not return to the mentality that had reigned in the Sheriffs Department for generations.
I will be the only candidate in this race that has a 30 year record of running multi million dollar corporations with hundreds of employees, the only candidate with a 22 year proven track record with an organization of implementing rehabilitation programs in lockup facilities in 17 states and 5 countries that maintain a 85% success rate.
I have a proven track record of working throughout the world, bringing reform and aid to many countries.
We can not turn back the pages of time and go to the trail and error period of the past, nor can we allow the Sheriffs Department to become a trial and error time of learning and confusion of what to do. The smoke and mirrors of  politics has taken it’s toll on the taxpayers of this country.
Only this time it will not only cost us dollars, but also the safety of our communities. We can not put a dollar amount on children or elderly. We must be able to protect the community from repeat offenders. The next Sheriff must be able to negotiate with employees to ensure a happy and safe working environment while maintaining goals to reduce recidivism and save tax dollars.
Worcester County deserves and needs a Sheriff that has experience in every category not just one. Someone who can get this job done the correct way in every department.
I will be the only candidate that has wrap around experience.
These are the real reasons I am announcing today my candidacy for Sheriff of Worcester County.
I have spent 30 years as a businessman in the private sector. My creative ability and experience in businesses has made me uniquely valuable to multi million dollar corporations with hundreds of employees throughout the country
We need someone you knows how to handle budgets, hundreds of employees, someone who can run big business with big budgets and has the ability to bring in outside funding to relieve the taxpayers.
We need to protect our communities, children and elderly.
We should be accountable for all our tax dollars.
We need to renew confidence in our Sheriffs Department.(no politics)
We must mandate accountability for our own behavior.
We need to have someone who knows how to manage rehabilitation.
We need someone who knows how to reduce recidivism.
My experience and background in all of these areas dictates my qualifications. This experience is unparallel by anyone seeking this office. I am the only candidate that can put a check mark next to all of the areas.
At you will find my complete resume.


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3 responses to “Beshai makes it official

  1. Was “terminal cancel” his typo or yours? Either way, it’s kind of appropriate…

  2. politicians and business people

    Why are politicians and business management people the only ones that get to make decisions for us all?
    They can dictate orders and command authority from totally unrelated feilds of work. They somehow can be experts in education, municiple spending and law enforcement simply because they managed some corporation from the trenches of pie graphs and derivative speculations.

  3. politicians and business people

    “we need someone who knows how to manage rehabilitation.” ?
    I thought we needed someone who has experience with rehabilitation ITSELF, who would UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS in order to know what the hell they’re running in the first place.

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