Best of Worcester announced

Posted by Brittany Durgin

Best of Worcester announced today! The Mag is huge with winners, runner-ups, editor’s picks, and photos of the deserving folks. We also are giving you an inside look at how the cover image came together… meeow!



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2 responses to “Best of Worcester announced

  1. Noticeably missing from the furor are the number of votes placed.
    How about showing us the number of votes cast for each category?
    Would give some credibility to the process.

  2. Umm.. let’s see “over 5k votes” (was that verified by a 3rd party?) from a population of 190,000 (including transients ). Gee that’s less than 3% of the population guys.

    Now come on guys, that’s really pushing it…
    statistically useless.

    The one that kills me is the “best waiter” and “best waitress”. Now how can ya…

    Gee, no other comments. Um… seems no one cares?

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