“We’re here to take back our street!”

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

City Councilor Barbara Haller lead a group of senior citizens and Clark students across 1050 and 1060 Main Street today, to raise awareness about stopping for pedestrians using a crosswalk.

Local citizens rally against dangerous driving

“It’s a real quality of life issue,” says Haller. “I think we’re making a difference.”

The “Cross Walk Safety Task Force” has already been visible this year, and are looking for stricter enforcement of drivers who don’t stop for pedestrians and drive dangerously when people are walking.

“We’re just going back and forth across the street right now to let people know that you have to stop when people walk by,” says Worcester resident Ronnie Clarkson.

The group was holding signs that had such slogans as “Let us cross. It’s the LAW!” written on them.

“My hope is that if people stop once, they’ll stop again,” says Haller.



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4 responses to ““We’re here to take back our street!”

  1. Reginald Denny

    Yeah they’ll stop again. They’ll stop when a gang of youths weilding moltov cocktails motions them to get out of their eighteen wheeler.

    How stupid do you think motorists are?
    You think they don’t about your grand design.
    First it’s letting old ladies go.
    Then good look’n women you favor.
    Then a few bottom dwellers , okay not to liberal yet, but getting a little too utopian.

    But then, we get duped into stopping for people just because they’re on a cross walk trying to “cross the street”. HA HA.
    Next thing you know,

    I’m not falling for that one again.

  2. So this is what they local activism – crosswalk monitoring… LOL!!! This city freaking kills me.

    Maybe if those Brainiacs at Clarkies were to don florescent vests and post crossing guards 24/7…

    Hey? Does the city have a vest in her size?

    Street level activism, that’s what made this city great!

  3. How about hiring some people in the police department to spend all their time flagging down violators and hitting them with tickets. Pay for it with the proceeds from the tickets. I’m sure they’ll cover it. Not enough high cost cops for this low level work.

  4. Shak'n and it was SHAK'N!

    Enough with your secret police schemes to get the crap kicked out of us by a gang of youths.

    If you type in
    “paranoid schitzo complains about rouge helecopter pilot”
    into Youtube,
    You will witness TRUE CATIVISM!
    These intimidating suave street creeping, badasses can’t be mistaken for anything less than executionors of your motorized freedoms.

    You have the right of way! 4 wheels is more than 2 feet!

    You want real activism, go to Youtube and type
    “paranoid schitzo complains about rouge helecopter pilot”


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