There is no relation between downed trees and Berkeley Investments in Worcester

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

But Dallas, TX can’t say the same. Controversy has arisen after shoddy contractors cut down some downtown trees over the weekend while putting up a Nike advertisement.

But, says Lincoln Properties’ Laurie Garcia, who manages that corner lot at Elm and Harwood for the Boston-based owners, they’re planting new ones “as soon as possible.”

That link there? The one for the “Boston-based owners?” That takes you right to Berkeley Investment’s website.

Yes, Berkeley only owns the property and has hired an outside group to manage it, and they probably had no idea any of this was happening, but these kinds of Worcester-esq coincidences are hard to ignore. If anyone finds a city out there where an intermodal freight shipping giant is complaining that food carts are stealing their business, please let us know.

UPDATE: Woah, put on the brakes. After a comment posted here said that Boston’s Berkeley Investments  doesn’t own property in Texas (the same comment was posted on the Dallas Observer page) and some research, it looks like the Observer article links to the wrong Berkeley Investments (apparently there’s another one in Dallas), making this post completely irrelevant to Worcester.

UPDATE x2: We keep hearing that Berkeley Investments (from Boston) does have property in TX, so we’re going to stick by the original post.



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2 responses to “There is no relation between downed trees and Berkeley Investments in Worcester

  1. MF

    Berkeley Investments of Boston, MA does not own any properties in TX and has nothing to do with this issue.

  2. Jer are you making the news or reporting it?

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