Blog Log Digital 4/16/2010

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Sean Dacey” on

I was down at Beaver Brook for practice Saturday afternoon from 2 until 5.  There were three DPW trucks set up in the parking lot, with three workers waiting for people to drop off yard waste.  There was still a pile of yard waste at the gate leading into the parking lot, and that pile was still there after they closed up shop and went home for the night. Looks like I have to file a work order with the DPW to get them to pick up the trash they ignored all Saturday afternoon.

Posted by “Papamoka” on

As an American Catholic it is not only my obligation but my responsibility to stand up to ignorance of criminal behavior by my church leaders, criminal acts such as rape against children by members of my church, and scream at the top of my lungs that I am not putting up with this SHIT anymore! There is one hell of a serious problem inside the Catholic church where everyone is passing the buck as fast as they can when child molestation, rape, and pedophile acts are committed by people that are supposed to be servants of God. There is not one single phrase in all of the teachings of Jesus Christ that says it is okay to rape his flocks children. NOT ONE! Why is the Pope not fast tracking that rape of children is not okay? Why is the blame game being passed around as to who is not to blame? YOU OWN IT AS THE POPE! Belly up to the bar Benny!

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

I always have mixed emotions when I see the confederate flag. While watching the news about the coal miners that are trapped in the 
mine in West Virginia, I noticed the “Stars & Bars” on one of the 
trapped miner’s sons shirt. What do the “Stars & Bars” mean to you?

Posted by “Williby Woster” on

Ok, the Democrats are about as far from the middle class values as you can get. The Republicans AKA Oligarchy and the new astro turf “Tea Partyers”, on the other hand could give a shit about the middle class except that they, the middle class, must spend their measly incomes on crappy products that the republican puppet masters (big buisness) sell. To do this the republicans pander to one or two religious points of view to sway a few on the fencers and hire media whores like talk radio fat heads to sell their phony bill of goods under the guise of less government. Republicans don’t really want less government, what they want is less government to protect the people from big business. People can see right through the bullshit.

Posted by “Bill Randell” on

Many times I have mentioned here that the task force Mayor Murray put together on the PILOT issue was great.   Jim Leary ran it perfectly and the kids from the local colleges were unreal, as well as the people from CEO for Citites.  In the end we put together a great report with great recommendations that resulting in the formation of the Univercity Partneship, which was a complete failure. The biggest mistake we made, which we addressed during our meetings, was that we would have follow-up meetings 6 months, 12 months etc later to review our recommendations and to see how they are being implemented.  We never had a meeting. I am confident the current task force will do a good job, I only ask them to schedule a meeting now to review their recommendations in 6 months after their report is released.


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One response to “Blog Log Digital 4/16/2010

  1. Wow that’s unheard off. Someone actually taking credit for a failure. Good one Bill Randell.
    Too bad he doesn’t mention the contents of the report. Makes me wonder if there was a report.

    So, using college kids to research an municipal finance issue? As if they had any idea what it’s all about, or its implications. That’ll garner a lot of credibility by its intended readers. Murray and his political cronies. No wonder Murry threw it in the can. Or… with all those campaign dollars pouring in from Wusta’s less than finest academia. I suspect there could have been a tinge of reader bias on Murray’s part huh?

    That 6 month meeting recommendation… Think. In six months half of O’Briens mayoral term is expired. So he’ll push it into the next election cycle huh? Ahem.
    Then it’ll be a, sorry Worcester voters, we haven’t had any time to address the issue, been busy working on more important issues. We’ll get to it in 2011.
    And before ya know it, it’s a non-issue. Wusta will be bankrupt or deserted of taxpayers.

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