The first rule of Tea Party is…spell check

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The Tea Party and the City Council have something in common: New signage guidelines. Last night the Worcester Tea Party sent out an email that those of you who plan on participating in the rally can use as a sort of “how-to-guide” for your protest signs. Here are a few of the items they want you to keep in mind:

1) Use a few short words-Long, rambling signs cannot be read from a distance.
2) Check your spelling-Our opposition will want to embarrass us by highlighting our errors.
3) Avoid ad hominem attacks.  Attack the ideas, policies or system, not the individuals.  Better yet, make your sign a positive message, not a negative one.
4) Focus on freedom, the constitution, the free market, limited government, fiscal responsibility, not the individuals who fail to protect these ideals.
5) Make signs that are provocative without being offensive.
6) Please do not bring any signs questioning President Obama’s birth certificate.  This is not an issue for the Tea Party and damages our credibility.
7) If your sign has anything that would be considered racist or otherwise offensive to our cause we will request that it be removed from the rally area.

If you didn’t know already, the Worcester Tea Party will be protesting in Lincoln Square today from 4:00 to 6:00. Another local activist group, Stand up to Stupid, will be there counter-protesting.



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5 responses to “The first rule of Tea Party is…spell check

  1. bob

    8) demand the end of all government take over

    9) promise to stop relying on public schools, fire departments, police, roads, social security, and medicare

  2. Mattwell House-not chock full'o nuts

    1.Government takeover- keeping people busy focusing on a government takeover in order to avoid dealing with the relatively mundane problems in their own life. Then, after everyone has forgotten how to deal with their problems with personalized solutions that don’t fit an inoculated cookie cutter mold, they will demand more government involvement in their lives to make it all better.

    2. Anyone not involved in a group of externalizing solution finders, who has the gall to solve their problems with independent thought involving decentralization of innovation or empowerment, will be typified as clock tower climbing riflemen.

    3. Give the people, especially these pesty independent thinkers, no means by which they may secure a long term stable peaceful environment for learning or growth beyond the socioeconomic cast they were born into. Keep them busy milling about over trivial confrontations with teenage machismo contests out in the street, there by avoiding use of the cortex and confining thought to the emotional centers of the brain.

    4. Sap their will to submit to a higher power than their environmental limitations, with vice, in absence of opportunity-hey why the hell not their’s consequences to being one’s self.

    5. Finally, turn anyone who is not afraid of other humans, into someone who is “acting crazy”. Instead of holding a few assholes responsible for manipulating others to incite violence, make everybody fear eachother as individual superhuman manifestations of their stereotyped ethnic and economic groups in order to dehumanise the cause or effect of the actions taken to stunt progressive developement. By no means take action independent of your action taking group you have been assigned to, for instance, in order to seek out the source of the unprovoked violence directed towards you and solve it by talking to parents or other members in their community.

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