Beshai weighing a run at Sheriff

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Frank Beshai sent out a release this morning explaining his interest in the race for Worcester County Sheriff. Over the phone, he made it very clear that this doesn’t mean he’s entering, but just looking at it. “There’s a lot of speculation because people have been calling me; former Flynn supporters, former Glodis supporters and my own supporters.” He added that he’ll have an official decision in two weeks. “I’m taking a good, hard look at it,” he finished.

If he decides to run, this will be Beshai’s fourth try for office. In 1998 he picked up 40% of the vote (about 80,000 ballots) running against entrenched incumbent Mike Flynn, and ran against current sheriff and state auditor candidate Guy Glodis in 2004 before standing down after being diagnosed with terminal cancer (he’s now been in remission for four years). In 2009 Beshai ran for the district 3 city council seat currently held by Paul Clancy. If he decides to run, Beshai will be running as a Republican.



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3 responses to “Beshai weighing a run at Sheriff

  1. I thought Beshai was already running.

    “If he decides to run, Beshai will be running as a Republican.” Will he really? Even though I’m a Democrat I recently signed nomination paperwork for Evangilidis since I do believe that the more options on the ballot the better for the people. I received a piece of campaign literature and no where on it does it indicate Evangilidis is a Republican. Is this the new age of politics? Democrats run as Democrats and Republicans pretend they’re not Republican?

  2. Taco Joe

    Lew probably just doesn’t want to be labeled a racist by the local Democrats.

  3. Republi-demo-indipendecrat

    Why does it matter what political label they’re under?
    They can be a good or bad choice either way.

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