Mayor O’Brien to endorse Margot Barnet for D-13 race

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

A source within the Barnet campaign has reported that Mayor O’Brien has made his endorsement for the D-13 Worcester state rep. seat (currently held by Robert Spellane), and while the name will officially come out in a press release later today or tomorrow, Daily Worcesteria has it for you now.

O’Brien has given his endorsement to Margot Barnet, an Elm st. chiropractor and longtime Democratic organizer. Barnet has served as the President of the Regional Environmental Council and organized for St. Vincent nurses during their strike in 2000.

It’s not too much of a surprise that O’Brien is endorsing Barnet, due to their history working together (Barnet has worked on both O’Brien’s campaigns for mayor and school committee, and has done some activism for Jim McGovern), but Barnet is the furthest to the left of all of the Democratic candidates and possibly the least politically polished. It’ll also be interesting to see if this changes any of the dynamics  between Joff Smith–arguably the highest-profile candidate in the race–and O’Brien at the Worcester City Council meetings.

Update: Back in November Worcester Mag asked Barnet about her connections. Here’s what she said:

When asked if she expects their support, she replied, “I’m not in this for any quid-pro-quo. I believe in what they believe in. I hope that people will support me for who I am and my work in the Worcester community.”



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5 responses to “Mayor O’Brien to endorse Margot Barnet for D-13 race

  1. Margot Barnet – Who really cares?
    It’s another office manager who wants to be a politician. Just like Mayor O’Brien.
    How does that qualify her for a seat?
    Maybe Joff is a better qualified candidate. At least he has governmental experience.
    Not much, but more than Barnet.

    Hey WOMAG doesn’t Wusta have bigger issues to deal with? Like school bullying huh?
    Do a story on that.

    Hey, and what’s Tracy Novick got to say? Not much in fact. Three posts in two years.
    Seems it’s not an issue a she finds relevant to her position.
    Too busy blogging about everything but the issues eh Trace?

  2. While I’m at it…

    Saw the WOMAG editorial from last week: Worcester needs jobs. What an utterly naive opinion.

    It’s obvious you guys haven’t a clue how a business is run, let alone the impact of taxes on a local business, which is zero.

    Why don’t you guys get some courage and put your opinions on line for all to discuss, or criticize.

    Here’s an argument deliberately overlooked by our local business mavens. Businesses in the outlying towns don’t pay less commercial taxes than a business in Worcester. That’s right – they don’t. The fact is they have higher assessments (valuations) than in Worcester. That means a higher valuation multiplied by a lower tax rate equals a lower assessment multiplied by a higher tax rate. The bottom line is the same. A critical argument never introduced in the reports from the Worcester Regional Research Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or the Worcester Citizens for Business propaganda.

    So there you have it. Debate that.
    I have facts. What do you have?

  3. t-traveler

    never heard the taxation argument put exactly that way

  4. Really?

    Guess that shows how the issue has been manipulated by the interests involved.

    If I were to tell you that business don’t pay taxes, what would you say? Yeah, just as I expected.

    Don’t expect WOMAG to delve into such issues, they’re simply not equipped to handle it. That‘s like expecting the WRRB to publish unbiased research reports.

    Ya know what’s ironic about the WOMAG opinion piece from last week, Worcester Needs Jobs.
    Didn’t WOMAG fire a dozen people last year? Now they’re shouting Wusta needs jobs.

    Geez… go figure.

  5. he said....Huh?

    what the phuck happened to “action geek” ? Why isn’t that cartoon in the mag anymore?

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