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City Council live blog 3/31/10

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

City Council will start shortly. They’ve scheduled a Public Health subcommittee meeting at 6:45.

7:30: Here we go. The Council is celebrating John Foisey of Worcester Tech and his DECCA students. DECCA is a nation-wide marketing, finance and entrepreneurship group for high school students.

7:37: $3,796.00 from the Friends of the Worcester Senior Center is coming to the city, for upkeep of a veterans memorial.

7:38: Before Michael Amir and Robert Nemeth are appointed to the Airport Commission, the council wants a roll call on the motion to file the informational communication. Apparently, for this one, councilors can only vote “yes” or “present” but not “no.” Only Germain votes “present” (he asked for the roll call in the first place).

7:41: Clancy is talking the burnt down visitor’s center. He says we need to “expeditiously demolish the remains of the building because it’s a safety hazard” and that we shouldn’t “quibble over the funds” about who’s going to pay for it. As if he knew about one of our Worcesteria items for tomorrow, he talks about all the money set aside for it years ago, but that none of it was spent because they didn’t see the point to pour $12 mil into a “core and shell” development.

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