Blog Log Digital 3/25/2010

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Lance” on

I can’t say that I am a C-span junkie, but I’ve been known to watch proceedings now and then. Whether for or against the health care reform bill that passed the House tonight–and I am in favor of it, although it could be a lot better–I think everyone can agree that tonight’s vote is historic. This will probably go down as one of the most important acts of legislation of the post-war era, and I decided that I was going to watch the debate and the votes tonight.

Posted by “Mike” on

You stupid Democrats in Washington and my home state of Massachusetts. Ask Scott Brown; its the unenrolled voter that elected him to the US Senate. So now your finally going to pass the Healthcare Bill. How long did it take? Eleven months? The minute you pass that bill, you make Barack Obama very happy and millions of unenrolled voters even madder. Is that what you want? You’d rather have the respect of the President, than millions of unenrolled voters in your corner. I guess so! This is it! Consider this your biggest vote you’ve ever taken. The one that makes or breaks you. I’m an unenrolled voter for a reason; I don’t like party politics, and that’s what your doing.

Posted by “Papamoka” on

Looking for a job online is filling up my email in box with all kinds of internet job scams. One of the problems of signing up for Monster or Career Builder to name a few job searching websites is the fact that any bozo or jerk around the world can access your email. The all time biggest scam that I see for new job proposals via email is the international check cashing scam which is very much illegal. Using the United States Post Office for such activity is a big “NO-NO” and you can go to jail!

Posted by “4RILLA” on

I just so happened to be making my daily trip up 146 from the Mass Pike after work today when I could see the smoke and flashing lights coming from the long vacant Washburn & Moen factory cum proposed Blackstone Valley Visiter Center. With a twinge of guilt that I haven’t posted anything Worcestercentric in quite a while and the fact that the blog has lay dormant for a month lead me to sing the car around and cruise out to Milbury and back before parking at the newish footbridge to survey the scene. On a day that gothamist gets bought out for $5 to $6 million it is the least I can do!

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

I had to do my research and, while I’m very fortunate to have health insurance through my wife’s employer, I do feel bad for those Massachusetts residents that don’t and continue to be fined every month. Maybe Massachusetts’ health care mandate is a sign of what is to come 
nationwide and, if so, that’s NOT going to be a good thing.

Posted by “Jeff Barnard” on

There was a fire at the abandoned mill on the corner of what used to be Ballard and Millbury Streets yesterday. The place was, supposedly, some day going to be a “visitor center” for one of Worcester’s indeterminate number of “gateways” into the city. When the visitor center was first being talked about, I thought it was going to be a special turnout on the newly built Route 146… y’know, kinda like a food and service area on the Pike? But after all the construction was finished, the building was pretty much orphaned onto its own newly created, as yet un-named, dead end street. “Visitors” would’ve needed to exit the limited-access highway and wend their way into that cul-de-sac, in order to “visit” this proposed “attraction”…All the attention that the fire attracted for last night’s news cycle is probably about as much of an “attraction” that place will ever be, now.


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