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Esquire gives a nod to Coney Island Hot Dogs

It’s not one of the city’s newest restaurants that’s garnered the latest national attention – it’s Coney Island Lunch. The April issue of Esquire magazine (Tina Fey on the cover) includes Coney Island in a “Where Men Eat” feature – a list of fine and not-so-fancy eateries from around the country. Esquire’s take on Coney Island: “Ninety years in one spot, serving hot dogs, soda, beer, and not much else. There are generations of names carved into the tables: Vandalism as census.”

We suggest shooting their 2010 Sexiest Woman Alive cover on location.



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Blog Log Digital 3/25/2010

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Lance” on nodrumlins.blogspot.com

I can’t say that I am a C-span junkie, but I’ve been known to watch proceedings now and then. Whether for or against the health care reform bill that passed the House tonight–and I am in favor of it, although it could be a lot better–I think everyone can agree that tonight’s vote is historic. This will probably go down as one of the most important acts of legislation of the post-war era, and I decided that I was going to watch the debate and the votes tonight.

Posted by “Mike” on thatsthepits.com

You stupid Democrats in Washington and my home state of Massachusetts. Ask Scott Brown; its the unenrolled voter that elected him to the US Senate. So now your finally going to pass the Healthcare Bill. How long did it take? Eleven months? The minute you pass that bill, you make Barack Obama very happy and millions of unenrolled voters even madder. Is that what you want? You’d rather have the respect of the President, than millions of unenrolled voters in your corner. I guess so! This is it! Consider this your biggest vote you’ve ever taken. The one that makes or breaks you. I’m an unenrolled voter for a reason; I don’t like party politics, and that’s what your doing.

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