Healthcare reform passes

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Earlier tonight (last night if you’re reading this on Monday) the House passed H.R.3590 by a vote of 219 to 212. All 219 “yay”s came from Democrats, while 34 broke ranks and voted with Republicans.

Nine of the ten Massachusetts reps voted in favor of the bill, with only Stephen Lynch of the 9th district (parts of Bristol, Norfolk, Plymouth and Suffolk counties) voting “nay.”

Jim McGovern (D-Worcester) spoke from the floor. We’ll try to get a transcript posted soon. Twitter, the exit poll of the 21st century, has some choice quotes.

The New York Times has this handy map (above) that shows the voting breakdown by district. It’s worth running your mouse over.



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2 responses to “Healthcare reform passes

  1. Steve

    I’d like to see how the red state/blue state district map from the 2008 Presidential election compares with this map.

  2. Matt Soma

    AAAh…and after all the big deal they made over “it” which most of us don’t get explicitly anyway, there’s no difference at street level. How much you wanna bet, next time I’m arced out with no job or medication, I still won’t get any medical help to get me employable because they’ll say i “made to LITTLE” during a year unemployed, or they have to go by how much I made when working full time plus, or that if I recieved medication for my illness I would make too much use out of that “handout”, which would get me somewhere, thereby negating the point of recieving the help in the first place-because it’s not there to enable you-just keep you stagnant.

    I’m gonna go ask zose little girlz panhanling vhere all of zeir money iz. Zen I vill be “living it up”-mwahahaha!

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