2/23/10 City Council Agenda: Panhandling, public safety and the elusive city budget

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Lots of inquiries this week: Barbara Haller is reaffirming her public safety stronghold by asking for reports on crime stats for calendar year 2009, the trending of armed and unarmed robberies and fire department response times. Rushton wants a report that says what to do about all the panhandling.

There’s also a lot of holding people accountable. Germain will ask M.O’Brien if he’s successfully streamlined and consolidated the mailing of real estate, water/sewer and excise taxes. Lukes wants a report on the compliance rate of businesses obtaining TIFs from the city.

The council also wants to know how things are progressing with the upkeep of Coes Pond (including slowing traffic on Mill st.) and what Clark has planned for their arboretum property.

The city budget is also on the agenda (twice), but the last three times it’s been there it gets sent to committee without comment. Maybe that’ll change this week.



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5 responses to “2/23/10 City Council Agenda: Panhandling, public safety and the elusive city budget

  1. Ah… leave it up to Rushton to use his laser like focus to zero in on the most pressing issue plaguing our decrepit metropolis.

    Why doesn’t he just pay his parking fines on time like most honest and decent citizens.

    Better still, why doesn’t he make it an issue to get that 4. sumtin million in parking fines into the city coffers instead of picking on the downtrodden and destitute. Why doesn’t he pick on the City Manager. What a nincompoop!

    Who the heck voted for that guy anyways?

  2. My problem with the perpetual hand-wringing about panhandling is that the Council seems selective about the types of panhandling they don’t like.

    Homeless guy with a cardboard sign at the side of the road? Bad panhandler!

    Kids begging for money for sports who walk in the middle of the street and hold up traffic? No problem!

  3. t-traveler

    saw a busker at the end of the I-190 ramp near the entrance to O’Connors last week

  4. You go girl!
    Love that student beggar counter-rant Nicky.

    Nicky for City Councilor!
    On second thought fagitit.
    She’d only turn into a Novick zombie.

  5. spare some cutter Matt

    The only panhanling that’s a problem are people who are a problem who are panhandling, and that’s less to do with panhandling than it is somebody just being a 49311. So, panhandling is not the problem. I don’t mind it, but when I asked for a brother to spare some cutter I got nothing-even though I gave in the past. I need every cent now and besides there’s people with expendable income who could spare some more change than someone who grew up below the f’n federal poverty line.

    I’m gonna panhandle for health insurance and tuition money one day. Sir, can ya spare some FAFSA or BLUECROSS, perhaps even some FALLON.
    The Middle Class kids spang’n far me cutter-I say, “Go get a job ya krastny bratchny.” Please tell them to go get a job because I still get told that even though I bust ass to go to community college, work full time-still don’t get ###t for help, even if my health puts me out of a job. I lose my job cause of my health and by age 27 still don’t have the time and money to get more than one 8th of an associates degree-you will see a dude in a lawn chair or something with a sign that says “Make an investment for your future-instead of me living off your tax money MEDICATION TUITION MONEY.” I will be at the same intersection, hopefully on the same day as the poor youngsters who desperately need to play baseball in order to support themselves-poor kids.
    Wait a second, i’m not sure if it’s the hours of fruitless calculus study kicking in at the expense of myself and possibly my job, BUT i just had an idea…

    Those kids got change in those buckets right? Just sitting there like a chalkboard waiting to scratched. MAN UP GUYS-BUM RUSH THE LITTLE LEAGERS!!

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