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The Casello situation

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Joff Smith had his press conference this morning to announce his bid for the 13 Worcester district state rep. seat, which naturally led to a lot of questions about who would replace him (fueled by a Worcesteria item this week) now that second-place finisher Joe Casello has moved to Florida.

That “moved” should read “may move.” I was able to speak with Casello today, and while he says that he has not moved, he did say he was “not in a position to comment” about what’s going on, and that he’ll update us later on it. He says that his house has not been sold.



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Blog Log Digital 3/18/10

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Sean Dacey” on unfashionablesentiments.blogspot.com

Do we really have City Councilors complaining about a raise for Brian Allen?  Didn’t they give themselves an 84% pay raise for part time work a few years back when the budget was just as strained?  I also seem to remember City Manager Mike O’Brien handing out pay raises for his top assistants at City Hall during the same belt tightening periods.  Where was the outcry then?  Where were the calls for fiscal prudence?  (Maybe they should have hired Robert Z. Nemeth to write their campaign propaganda.) It seems as if the T&G and the City Council really have an axe to grind with money being spent on the school side of the city ledger.

Posted by “Jeff Barnard” on wormtowntaxi.com

The Internet has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The erroneously cited royal “we” that Al Gore used when he said “We created the internet…” was a representation of the national “we”… all of the US taxpayers who funded the creation of the internet. If the internet wins the prize this year, will “we” also get an Oscar?

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