Protest/Stand out outside Jim McGovern’s office

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Anti-healthcare reform Tea Partiers (they were very adamant this morning that they’re not called “Teabaggers”) including Marty Lamb, who is running against McGovern in the November election, and members of a new pro-healthcare reform group called Stand Up to Stupid are standing outside Congressman Jim McGovern’s office (34 Mechanic’s street) this morning holding up signs and engaging in healthy debate. Both groups will be there from 8 am to 10 am, and again from 4 pm to 6 pm.



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9 responses to “Protest/Stand out outside Jim McGovern’s office

  1. Rich

    Go Jim, go!

  2. Jeremy

    We are not against health care reform, we are against a government take over of the health care and health insurance industries.
    True reform is needed. Some simple ideas that would save billions if not trillions of dollars:
    1. Serious malpractice abuse reform which would allow doctors to practice medicine rather than engage in defensive medicine.
    2. Allow insurance companies to compete over state lines bringing free market competition into play. As we saw with auto insurance, this will bring down costs while creating more innovative consumer sided options. In order to be competitive in a nationwide market portability and coverage of pre-existing conditions will be covered.
    3.Start NOW attacking fraud, there is no reason to wait for enactment of any legislation.
    The American people are sick and tired of secret back room deals and bribes for the sake of pushing through a bill that no one wants. If Pelosi-care is such a great idea why can’t the Democrats pass it with their super majority in the House? Let’s end the protection of special interests and handing out of pork filled bribes and return our country to the citizens.
    Marty lamb

  3. #2 would be great if Auto and Health Insurance ran the same way to begin with but they don’t
    Each state has there own insurance companies because the payment systems for every state are different. Medicaid is a state based program, companies such as BCBS has locations in each state as they are the largest commercial insurance company.
    Reimbursement for medical services provided is different based on regions and cost of living. A physician in NYC will receive a large reimbursement than a physician in Audubon, Iowa. I am not sure that insurance companies as a whole want to dip into this market as much as people would like portability of health insurance.

    WHAT NEEDS CHANGED: Is the payment method, all these other options are putting a band-aid on the problem but health care cost will not go down until the Fee-For-Service payment method is gone. The AMA will not back this as the physicians would be in essence be making less because they would be paid on keeping their patients healthy versus ordering multiple test. But this is the only change that will make a true difference. The only people making money right now are insurance companies and when politicians decide to get out of bed with them, we may see a change.

  4. Worcester Gadfly

    Jeremy, the term “teabagger” implies something else entirely, and perhaps oughtn’t be used in polite company. Google it, if you don’t believe me.

    It’s used perjoratively against these modern-day tax protesters, even though the original “party” would have dumped loose tea & not tea bags.

    Media oughtn’t legitimize the epithets of one group toward another and pretend it’s an actual name for a person/group.

  5. zed

    “Gadfly” is a term for people who upset the status quo by posing upsetting or novel questions, or just being an irritant.

  6. zed

    Leave it to the baggers to be a dark cloud on beautiful, sunny day.

  7. worcestermagazine

    Worcester Gadfly,
    I agree that the media shouldn’t use pejorative names for groups, and that wasn’t the intention. It was included in the post because when I was at the rally yesterday morning, a protester made it a point to explain that.
    On a related note, the term was originally used by the Tea Partiers until they themselves googled it or watched some MSNBC. I definitely understand where the re-branding efforts are coming from.
    And now my work computer is full of some pretty incriminating google searches.

  8. The reaction of the Tea Partier wage slaves and tax slaves rightfully should be “dark”. How else should one deal with the ultra-wealthy plantation lords who are such a bizarrely dark, creepy, twisted bunch? The Tea Partiers’ mistake is that they are too direct. Subterfuge is all those “people” (the sociopathic ultra-wealthy) understand.

    The Tea Party mattered back when it was pure; that is, back when it first started with Ron Paul and Rand Paul supporters. Of course, now that it has been predictably co-opted by fake Republicans like Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and Dick Cheney, it has been rendered irrelevant like every other political party in existence.

    There is only one political party in the world: the Rockefeller/DeRothschild Party. Those two have always sent their fellow sociopaths in to infiltrate and ruin any group that ever threatened to derail their gravy train. Don’t believe it? Check out the following videos and judge for yourselves:

    1. “Monopoly Men”
    2. “The Ring of Power – Godfathers – Rothschilds”
    3. “Corrupt Federal Reserve – Robbing Americans
    Since 1913”
    4. “Media Spin” by Brian Springer
    5. “Ex-director of CFR talks to David Rockefeller
    6. “The Century of the Self” (esp. Parts 1 and 2 of 4)
    7. “The War on Democracy”
    8. “911 Mysteries”

  9. Inflection Matt

    It has been said that sociopaths make great politicians. I’m not sure if there is any particular family of them that is the world’s politician, but rather their very involvement in politics would make it seem as though they are organized, by heredity or association, because of how uniform their characteristics are.

    Some of the sociopath’s characteristics of lying habitually, manipulation of other people, and meaningless social interactions other than self gain-well simply put, make them perfect politicians. The lack of meaning behind what they do other than self gain at the expense of others to no end, is exactly how any movement(political or otherwise) gets “hijacked”.

    The cause is replaced by the image or the basic interactive element of greatest social manipulation. For example, say we have a bunch of people protesting high property tax and they are gaining power through reason(citing wastes of tax money, uses of money outside their community not for the community, bla blah). Then a person with a useful set of sociopathic tendancies comes along and starts using the group for their own selfish, parasitic reasons. They then piss away any substance that makes up the group’s cause and that party is reduced to its useful parts, i.e. social manipulation. Let’s say, the sociopath realizes the property tax is an issue because people are experiencing a bad economy. So, they use that to sustain the groups’ popularity(which is what gives them their control/power in politics) by shifting the focus to the banks instead of the high property tax’s usages. The sociopath makes the whole cause about the big rich banks and plays off of people’s childish yearnings for someone else to pay for their houses-in this case it is the banks. The cause was forgotten and the easiest means of rallying people’s support was utilised in place of constuctive reasoning, so the sociopath’s wants are placed above the point of the groups formation in the first place. “See, look banks have money, you don’t-where’s your bailout?” Then, instead of lowering the property tax or allocating funds to more useful projects for the people living on the property, a broad, “visceral” reaction that accomplishes nothing, is rallied under the influence of the sociopath. They themselves or another manipulated partner become the figure head in order to gain political power.

    They know what to use to manipulate people relative to sustaining their own pointless existance, but fail to accomplish anything of substance.They fill an image or role they play in lack of any other further insight or brilliance.They will do so at whatever cost to others they can get away with, even the ultimate cost under certain circumstances.

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