City Council Agenda 3/16/10: Census info, more sewage and affordable housing; unaffordable business?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

It’s a short agenda this week, and while nothing particularly striking stands out quick meetings give the council more time to speak under suspension–fertile ground for councilors looking to “go off” on something. (Last week they blasted Brian Allen’s pay raise after running through the items on the agenda.)

Tomorrow we’ll get the city’s quarterly report on Small Business Retention and Recruitment Efforts. After speaking with some business owners down Millbury street last week, I think if they had their own report it would have some choice words for the city’s report.

We’ll also get communication regarding Worcester’s efforts to get people counted in the census. Mike O’Brien (his part of the agenda is a little more exciting) is optimistic that we’ll be New England’s second-largest city through the next decade.

The golf club is getting $550,000 for improvements and the city has gotten $6 mil in sewer improvements from the state’s Dept. of Conservation and Recreation which will boost our infrastructure as well as allowing West Boylston and Holden’s sewage to run through our system. The move is also supposed to protect the Wachusett Reservoir Watershed and alleviate sewer “surcharging” in the South Kinnicutt, Midland and Intervale area, according to Bob Moylan. This project is also the source of the digging and blasting happening on Pleasant St., as Wormtown Taxi already saw happening.

They’ll also talk affordable housing money: demand for HOME loans has increased despite HOME-assisted units being converted from sale to rentals “as it has become increasingly more difficult to sell units in this market” (noted in a report from the city to the council). Nine new projects have been identified for FY 2010-2011 for a total of $3,130,000 coming from HOME funding.


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