Buy! Buy! Buy!

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Everyone in this article is saying now is the time to buy stock in CSX. Keep in mind, though,  two of their sources “[own] shares and [have] done banking for CSX.”

Otherwise, you can’t argue with this for an endorsement:

Wall Street analysts have also given CSX a green light. Of the 26 analysts who track it, 18 recommend buying the stock, and seven peg it at hold. Only one recommends unloading it.

And this line should fire up the crowd looking for ways to divert truck traffic from Grafton Hill:

“It’s the best bet among the railroads because of its vast assets, strong earnings prospects and a solid balance sheet, with a cash stash of $1 billion.”

And no matter who you ask, this is some welcome optimism, especially for Worcester:

“The freight recession is likely over,” says railroad analyst Rick Paterson at investment firm UBS, who notes that according to available data, U.S. railroad-car loadings have been on the rise. “We may indeed be emerging from the freight recession that began in the fourth quarter of 2006,” says Paterson, who rates CSX a buy.



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2 responses to “Buy! Buy! Buy!

  1. yep, hi its Matt

    Okay, I think I understand, but how is the average non-sexual arsenist-joe gonna be able to invest in shares of any company right now? Seriously, this sort of speculation matters to people on wall street, as well as percent returns on savings. However, to the rest of us, the availability and security of funds is what matters in absence of anything more than principle value. We don’t have some large nest egg or any egg to draw interest from nor the funds to risk-which is what being a shareholder of any company is, because any money invested in stocks must be considered expendable(should be no more than one can afford to lose).

    What I think is more relevent is the fire at the Ha Tien grocer on main street last week. I saw the inside and it looks like it’s mostly lost unfortunately. Their prices, quality and selection were the best in Worcester. I’m bummed out, but I’m also very alert. What was the cause of my heart ache that afternoon?

    Has anyone considered the possibility of the insidious cause behind this fire? Most dismiss it as simply an accident, a fluke, unforseen disaster, but we all know the likely culprit to be none other than…a sexual arsenist. Strangely enough, when law enforcement is confronted with this starch crisped pleat of perception, they respond in part
    “…no, that’s not even a remote possibility, you need to get more air to your brain and 8 glasses of water a day-maybe a fruit cup or something..”

    or “…I don’t know buddy…go home…”.
    Interesting, but isn’t it obvious that most accidental fires are the perfect cover up for the depraved sex act of a criminal who’s only path to climax is arsen? Sure, the scene suggested combustable materials fueled by cooking oils to be a potential fire if accidentaly ignited, but the tantilizing inferno is the signeture opus of a flame roused self pleasurer. A creature enslaved to the licking flames’ ecstacy would have a perfect veil over their insidious act of self gratifying combustion.

    There, in the ashes, slumbers the encrusted evidence of a criminal who’s intent was pure exothermic arousal. The stale remains will be uncovered as evidence and once again emancipated-but this time the pleasure will be all mine. The end of this pleasure flaming ring of fire will deliver the heat of justice; the heat of truth not even this inflamatory violator could stand-even as…a sexual arsenist.

    Beware, fire flicking gratifier, we’re watching and waiting for your very unstimulating capture if not, may the flames of hell block you.

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