Blog Log Digital 3/11/10

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “whenyouwereeast” on

Avatar budget $350 mil. Hurt Locker budget $16 mil. Stealing all the Oscars your ex-husband thought he’d win…PRICELESS

Posted by “Nicole” on

Regarding the Worcester PD and twitter: I found out about a robbery at Commerce Bank from Bill Randell’s blog HOURS before WPD put it on Twitter. Another example: fire at Ha-Tien on Main Street via Worcesteria, and nothing yet from the WPD. Regarding DPW and Twitter/Facebook: I think they do a pretty good job of using social media, and I know that you can report potholes on their website. But what if they did a post like this, saying “we’re going to be in this area working on potholes; let us know so we can address them all”?

Posted by “jonhansen” on

All too often public schools are choosing to cut their best staff in order to meet proposed budgets for the next fiscal school year. I have gone back to school to get my Masters in Education and jump through all of the hoops that the D.O.E. requires teachers to complete in order to become professional status in Massachusetts. And yet I feel like I still can’t win.

Posted by “Big Asshole” on

According to, Governor Devil Patrick may begin testing a new form of electronic tolling within months. This comes as breaking news to Massholes who never heard of EZ Pass lanes that pretty much every other state has been using for years. Funny there is no mention in this article linking RFID technology to cancer as many studies have shown. Instead it reads more like an infomercial. This brings up the issue of having tolls on the road to pay for maintenance and infrastructure. I thought taxes and gigantic stimulus plans that print trillions of imaginary dollars did that?

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

The law is long overdue, and I’m guilty of doing it occassionally, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has decided to ban texting while driving. The law has to be signed-off by Governor Patrick, but there will be some rangling by those in the House, but rest assured that it’s a welcomed law by many drivers.

Posted by “Papamoka” on

Many people are ashamed to admit that they are Facebook junkies. I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit it. First thing in the morning I too find myself logging into my Facebook home page just to see what my online family, friends and buddies have to say as I sip my real world coffee. Being an admitted addict to Facebook I feel that I am obligated to check on my Farmtown, Yoville, Petville, Fishville, and Farmville activities to see if my bumper crop is ready for my personal intervention. Oh, Facebook is making tons of money and I can’t figure out how? Who the hell has all the time for this nonsense?

Posted by “Mark Adler” on

The Town of Shrewsbury is applying for Google’s recently announced “Fiber for Communities” pilot project. Our community is a great match for Google’s experiment because Shrewsbury has been a trailblazer in the electric and cable industries for more than 100 years. Because Google’s fiber network will provide many benefits to residents and businesses within our community, the Town is asking the public support its application for Google’s fiber project. This is an amazing opportunity for our community to become a pioneer town on the frontier of new technology.


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