Novick explains the other side of WPS CFO’s pay raise

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

You might have read about the Worcester Public School department CFO Brian Allen’s  recent pay raise in our council live blog or Nick Kotsopoulos’ article. This morning, Tracy Novick has written a response justifying her vote in favor of the raise.

As for the voting split:

In favor: Novick, O’Brien, Mullaney, Foley
Opposed: O’Connell, Biancheria, Monfredo



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5 responses to “Novick explains the other side of WPS CFO’s pay raise

  1. Read Trace’s response.

    Bureaucrats 1, taxpaying citizens 0.

    Why should bureaucrats get “bonuses” for doing their job? Oh, it not called a bonus per se. It’s just a pay raise? Nonsense. It’s a 16k retention bonus. Oh, but its only pennies compared to the school dept. budget. After all, he saved us millions. Geez, what delusional nonsense.

    When will dem bureaucrats wake up to reality? Hullooo recession here, its time to trim the sails. Federal, State Municipal revenues are down, and going deeper. The peons are getting the screws, while “management” keep getting bigger cake slices.

    And as if the guy were to jump ship? Who cares? He’s playing “I got an offer elsewhere” game. When he should be doing his job, he’s cruising the internet for jobs. He and everyone at the school dept. is expendable.

    What about Trace’s decision last week to not take federal funds to improve the school system? The fact is, were the system required to follow federally mandated goals, we’d all see how-bad-a-shape the Wusta School Dept. really is in. But no, “Tracy the Bureaucrat” is intent of keeping the status quo.

    Looks like dem counterculture freaks do have bureaucratic DNA in em after all.

    Hey Wusta, ya got fooled again.

  2. t-traveler

    think Trace’s position on not taking the federal funds is ethical, (maybe she will turn away from all federal funding as her thinking evolves) as she points out the Mass. State constitution calls for our public education sysytem and it should be managed locally

    The Allen thing I cannot explain at all. He’s taken over “ops” what is that–one of the two seats in front of the captain of the enterprise? If he does truly mange ops he has some splaing to do.

    Go through every buiding in the system you’ll find textbooks, referenc books, manipulatives gathering dust. There is no system to re-allocate resources from building to building. What we have is a failure to communicate

  3. T, depending on where we get with ESEA re-authorization? Maybe.
    Mr. Allen took over operations this fall, I’m not sure when. And the offer came to him.

  4. Mark Jacques

    Tracie, It always amazes me how easy it is to justify spending, even in the face of staggering economic conditions. Your’ brief note to explain your’ vote is the equivalent of shrugging your’ shoulders and saying “did I do that”.

    I’d like my vote back, please. I really expected change, not the status quo. Teachers and students will have to do with less so Brian Allen can get more.

    There should be an all-out wage freeze throughout the system. Now that the horse is out of the barn, could someone please close the barn door. When Steve Mills comes courting other admins in the WPS will they all get raises too, so we can retain the entire gravy train?

  5. t-traveler

    i think that it was done in the dead of night is the real problem, the cameras were off and every one had gone home

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