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City Council live blog–3/9/10

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Your city council live blog cravings will be satisfied here at 7:00. Be sure to involve your own live blog and running commentary here with our Cover It Live account. It’s 7:00ish, here we go.

The gallery (both levels) is filled with livery drivers and their friends and families. Five cops are up here too on detail. It’s going to be a lively meeting. The Red and Yellow cab owners are here too, and the front row of the bottom floor (at least) is filled with cab drivers.

7:10: Lukes is in charge tonight while J.O’Brien is in Ethiopia. She stresses that Sam Rosario only has three minutes to address his 12 items, and that the taxi owners will have three minutes to have their say.

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Worcester Woogle

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

This is a map of Worcesterites who are using Worcester Woogle as a concerted community effort to bring Google’s FTTH high-speed internet to Worcester. Follow the link to put your address on the map and write a little note to Google to tell them why you want to fly through teh internets at 100 times the speed you do now. Brendan Melican and Scott Zoback put it together, and Brendan has the map (with instructions) on his blog as well.

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