City Council Agenda: Cabbies vs. liveries, CSX and if we have a “Philadelphia Plan” can we also have a “Chicago Plan”?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

At Worcester Mag on Tap last Thursday City Councilor Joe Petty told me

Photo by Brittany Durgin

that this week’s council meeting was going to be a doozy (not a direct quote). After a look at the agenda, there’s definitely going to be some fireworks.

Sam Rosario has filed twelve petitions on behalf of the livery companies asking the city council to look into what he believes are irregularities in the enforcement of livery/taxi laws and the transfer of cab medallions. Speaking with him this morning, he said he plans to address the council (if they’ll let him) and have the gallery and hallway packed with the livery drivers and their families who were there last Tuesday.

CSX is the subject of twenty-something orders, including questions on the tax revenues of their land (pre and post-official hub status), the impact on surrounding properties, noise mitigation and identifying which bridges will have to be modified to allow for taller trains.

Councilor Joff Smith wants an update on the subject of privatizing the city’s parking (which, as we and blogger Nicole have chronicled, has not been going over so well in Chicago).

Plenty of talk on the Greenwood St. Landfill parcel, which now belongs to Rand-Whitney, LLC, and some very busy subcommittees. Public Works is getting four parts of the agenda sent their way.

Smith would also like to see Welcome to Worcester signage at the border of surrounding towns. Who needs that when we have this guy? (Adam Sandler swears a lot. You’ve been warned.)



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6 responses to “City Council Agenda: Cabbies vs. liveries, CSX and if we have a “Philadelphia Plan” can we also have a “Chicago Plan”?

  1. Regarding the signage welcoming people to Worcester — how does this fit into the Wayfinder thing?

    I will also tell a story about “Welcome to Worcester” signs. One night, I was driving around in Shrewsbury or Boylston after teaching a class — I had no idea where I was, what town I was in, and was tired and just wanted to get home.

    “God,” I prayed, “just get me anywhere in Worcester and I can find my way home.”

    So, five minutes later, I end up at the “Welcome to Worcester” sign right before Great Brook Valley. Proof that God has a sense of humor.

  2. worcestermagazine

    13a:REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC WORKS Upon the Communication of the City Manager transmitting informational communication on Worcester’s Wayfinding Initiative with attached design recommendations: recommend Communication be placed on file.
    More here:

  3. Well, rumor has it (and I guess I’ll start the rumor) that the Wayfinding project is going to get moving again, at least in the Canal District.

    I will NOT be at the Council meeting tomorrow, because my research assistant is going to be having a better time than those of us who are stuck in city government meetings, and someone’s got to mind the kids.

    More on Wayfinding late next week on my blog, I hope…

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  5. And the meeting will be chaired by Councilor Lukes, I believe, as Mayor O’Brien is out of town.

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